FEEDBACK: Death Knight Class Changes

Remember Tak’theritrix’s.

That was fun.

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Well, the big issue with the Key and Peele Shoulders was that they were always in this extremely weird spot viability-wise.

During the early Beta the buff was a 100% buff to all your other active pets (including Dark Arbiter) and was without a shadow of a doubt the most broken legendary in the game at that point.

When it was nerfed to a 30% buff on live servers it wasn’t even worth equipping.

40% (which is what it had from Tomb onwards) was the only point where the shoulders felt even remotely reasonable, but they only really felt reasonable in the context of how strong Dark Arbiter and Unholy’s ToS set bonuses were.

I liked Tak’theritrix’s Shoulderpads in that context, but now that Army ghouls actually do damage as a baseline while Gargoyle kinda hits like a damp noodle I feel like it wouldn’t exactly have much of a place for this version of Unholy.

That said, this problem is more indicative of the problems ol’ Gary has right now than anything else. Icy Veins is a very underwhelming 3-minute cooldown (almost unanimously the worst among all classes and specs), but Gary isn’t exactly all that strong either and needs a whole lot of help.


I am confused. Are you not comparing the normal stat squish from the end of one expansion to another. The percentages always are a lot smaller in comparison. The stats are further modified by their ilvl auras to better reflect what they expect.


I wasn’t talking about bringing them back as-is.

I was responding to Gargoyle and Dark transformation needing something. That something could be interaction like what was provided by the shoulders.

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Deaths due with obliteration/icecap feels really bad.

GCD for deaths due then a gcd for pillar of frost.

Pillar of frost is only a 45 second cd (less with icecap) and needs to be taken off the gcd.

This week’s Shadowlands build has a few updates to address recent Unholy feedback. Our focus with these changes is: Rune economy, Scourge Strike not preferring targets with Festering Wounds, and the start sequence.

  • Scourge Strike now prefers targets with Festering Wounds while inside Death and Decay
  • Apocalypse has a new rank upgrade, learned at level 58, that causes it to generate 2 Runes.
  • Unholy Blight now applies Virulent Plague to enemies it hits.
  • Unholy Strike is renamed Unholy Assault, the Rune cost is removed, and the haste increased back to 20%.
  • Soul Reaper’s cooldown is reduced to 6 seconds (was 8 seconds) to help promote more gameplay around the ability and its duration.

Thank you for all the feedback and we look forward to hearing more as you get a chance to play with these changes.




when is soulreaper going to become baseline so that we can use the rune regeneration talents that are on the same row?


These are all positive changes. I think it’ll have a big impact on resource economy and GCD-issues in opener. Frenzy -> Apoc used to consume two runes, now it generates two.


There is the stat squish but that should not change the percentage as that just takes 100 crit points = 1% and changes that to 10 crit points = 1%. You will lose crit points but the % will stay the same.

The second factor is when your level goes up the number of points increase to get the same %. So at level 50 you have 10 crit points = 1% but at level 51 it changes to 12 crit points = 1%. So if you had 1% crit at level 50 you now have 0.833% (repeating of course) crit at level 51. This is the reason they need to implement the stat squish as the numbers will keep getting larger after a few expansions.

The issue that I found was the new modifier on haste % is now much higher then it was in BFA (and our other stats). So if I need 10 crit points for 1% crit I might need 20 haste points for 1% and mastery may only need 5 points for 1%.

Something to take note of as the tuning phase starts. Will have a big effect on how the class rotations feel and play. From past experience would expect this to be closer to 22-24% for the first raid and 34-36% end of expansion.


soul reaper still feels out of place on that talent row, you probably will never take any of the other 2 talents over unholy blight now, rest of the changes are good


I just hope that frost can get some talent tree love next week then.

Good changes for Unholy, except that soul reaper didn’t just become baseline.


Nice unholy blight damage and effect nerfed because of the new change instead of just taking it off the GCD. Aewsome job.

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Might of the Frozen Wastes feels bad. The buff to oblit damage means that your talents and playstyle will be influenced by weapon choice. I do not want this. I would rather 2H and DW be a cosmetic preference, not something to play around.

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It really feels like a lot of unneeded work is going in to make up for the poor decision to the GCD. Please realize that the BFA GCD change was an extremely bad experiment and revert the change. Pillar of Frost should NOT be on the GCD. ERW shouldn’t either.


Why? 2h and dw have always had a different feel to them. I don’t want the dw playstyle and it isnt too much to ask for us 2h boys to have our spec back. If they try to make me play as a wannabe enhance shaman again for another expansion I’m gonna drop this game and go back to classic.

the game already has enough homogenization as it is


heart eyes reacts only

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I agree with that. It feels like I waste 20% of my cooldown duration just on globals setting it up. Erw --pillar-- remorseless winter, that’s 4.5 seconds already not including chains of ice or the howling blast/frost strike needed to get the first killing machine proc going.

Just feels slow compared to the glory days of old


Still a little apprehensive that theres been no comments about the extremely powerful synergy Deaths Due has with Blood, but I guess we’ll wait and see on that one. Frost DK could still maybe use some fine tuning as well.


2H and DW were never balanced before, one always dominated the other. Instead of putting time into trying to balance the two yet again, I’d rather it just be cosmetic so that we can get more dev time on core spec issues, like ERW being somewhat useless outside of BoS and having no baseline AoE RP spender. Or FDK still have no interaction with Death’s Due.