FEEDBACK: Death Knight Class Changes

Yes, and I’m not going over it with you again. Most people seem to agree that it is a good way to get Gargoyle back baseline and you’ll just have to live with that being the feedback given to Blizzard.

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you mean 4 people.

You sure like derailing this thread.

I’ve seen the suggestion from way more than 4 people. It’s inline with other multi-effect abilities we have too, so it’s not unprecedented.

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why would the strongest cool down in the uh dk arsenal be merged with a 90 second CD, last half the duration it should, and do no damage.

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I also disagree with baking Gargoyle into Apocalypse. I just don’t like merging things together making single abilities more complicated than they need to be.

I also dislike making Unholy Frenzy an attack, adding AoE damage to Dark Transformation, and making Apocalypse cost one resource and refund another. Making abilities more complicated just so that they feel like they ‘deserve’ to be put on the GCD are all bad solutions to a simple problem.

GCD bloat, and bloated abilities, are equivalent issues in my opinion. Going from one to the other isn’t an improvement.

Abilities should be designed to be as straightforward as possible. Tooltips should be as simple as possible.


In this week’s Shadowlands build, Death’s Due has been updated and its buff and debuffs are no longer applied each time it deals damage.

Now your Heart Strike, Scourge Strike, and Obliterate apply Death’s Due to the target, reducing the damage they deal to you and increasing your Strength by the same amount. The duration of the buff/debuff has also been reduced and the maximum amount of stacks has been reduced to 8.

In addition to these changes, Death’s Due has a unique bonus for Frost that allows their Obliterate to hit 1 additional target while they stay within Death’s Due.

These changes to Death’s Due are aimed at making it a little more rotation-impactful, rather than just a passive bonus when casting it, while making it more balanced against the other Covenant choices.


This is a welcome addition, thank you.


Nice to hear that frost is getting some interaction with the covenant ability. What it really needs for better cleave/AOE is an RP spender that isn’t glacial advance. With gathering storm providing ST as well as AOE dmg and remorseless winter being propped up by conduits, glacial advance will never be chosen.


I know this forum has a lot of posts but is there any way to let us know if the focus now is on tuning, or if we new talents (adding gargoyle back baseline, etc.). are still possible. I know this has been a very active thread, and if tuning is now the focus, then the feedback can shift to reflect that. Thank you!


The thing is we are asking for it back. Obviously they do not want to. This is why I’m throwing ideas out to compromise with whatever reasoning that they are refusing to put it back baseline.

Maybe, but I’d say with Army then. Apoc would be way too OP. I’m still not too fond of merging abilities together but most people here aren’t realizing we have to make compromises so I’m willing to. If so then the CD of Army should be reduced as well.

So it became Festermight, for all specs, and on top of that, brings it up in value for Frost.

So now instead of being BiS for 2 specs, it’s now BiS for all 3 specs.

Is other tuning coming to other Covenant abilities to make them as impactful ?


Please stop buffing Night Fae and give some love to Necrolords…
This isnt funny anymore

— And if you think this isnt a buff, you didnt read it fully.


For frost yeah. You have to stop your rotation for blood and unholy and spam heart strike or scourge strike to generate the stacks.

The only thing that got buffed was the interaction for Frost…Everything else is a nerf. Did YOU not read it fully? Or just skip to the last part?


I think a lot of people are missing the fact that it only stacks to 8 now, and the buff/debuff has a shorter duration.

It’s an overall nerf.


AND the fact that the buff/debuff doesnt apply automatically with the damage from the ability pool on the ground. You actually need to hit enemies to apply the debuff/buff.

I don’t know. Letting Obliterate hit a second target is going to be pretty damn big in nearly any aspect of the game. Especially for 2H Frost.


This is kind of key information. Is the buff meant to be up 100% of the time like old Deaths Due? Or is it only 11 seconds now like DnD? That’s going to matter a lot.

Overall this looks like a potential sizeable nerf to Unholy/Blood Deaths Due and a buff for Frost.

Also, no tuning for our other covenants?


Would be nice to see abom limb deal additional damage to targets immune to cc/movement abilities


Is there anything more planned for next week’s build regarding core class mechanics and the other three covenants?