Feedback: Carapace of N'Zoth

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Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

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Several pet LOS issues throughout the fight, making BM nearly unplayable. Pet refuses to go up the ramp in phase 1, making it difficult for us to deal damage to the Hemorrhages. It also does not even attempt to move if you target a hemorrhage on the other side, just gets stuck and then requires a dismiss/resummon. Pet gets lost in phase 2 whenever the Extra Action button is used to remove corruption, player must dismiss/resummon everytime.


As an Asian, I feel like I have a significant disadvantage during this boss. I think the vision obstruction/screen effects should be made a little more lenient. I can barely see shadows in real life and my eyes are dead after one hour of testing. I believe vision mechanics like this, similar to the one during the first Jaina intermission, should be introduced sparingly, and maybe not during end raid encounters with a lot of other deadly mechanics going on.


The on screen effects are too much just remove it because it is not necessary for a mechanic that happens the entire fight.


General issue:
The screen effects are much too emphasized. Please give us an option to either turn them off or change their opacity. Having the huge screen warning for half the fight is very annoying to deal with.

Phase 1:
There are a few tentacle spawn positions that make it either impossible or very difficult to jump up on the tentacle. On one of the spawns the model was about 1-2 yards above the ground, and on a second occasion it was impossible to jump on top of it.

Phase 2:
The Cysts along the path can be affected by the shield N’zoth puts on random adds, so sometimes the raid is stuck from progressing further up the ramp because of unlucky shields. The cysts should not be targeted by the shield, unless this is an intended roadblock.

(Rinoa) #8

The on-screen visual effects are horribly disruptive and makes for a frustrating raiding experience. Please consider toning them down, removing them entirely or allow us to choose whether we want them or not.

(Vareesa) #9

Fight is long.

Either has too much hp or our ilvl is going to be a bit higher when we reach him.

I wish the p1 tentacles had the same shadow on the ground as the p3 tentacle, because the p1 ones you can’t see at all, but the p3 ones are crisp and easy to see.

Once we got the hang of it, p1 was generally the same each time, but p2 takes a long time with how the shields work. When they hit the cysts, your progress stops for 12s, because the shield persists until that timer is up, even if you break it. Also, once you break all the synthesis things, the boss starts his actual p2, but this phase is incredibly boring from 55->40. The boss having 600M health (28m heroic) just takes forever to slog through.

Otherwise I liked the fight, outside of just how long it lasted. Nothing felt so punishing as long as people manage their sanity well enough. The one thing early on we did not like was that if someone gets MC’d, they can hit your raid from anywhere, even out of los. So someone was in the p1 area, hitting the entire raid with spells 100+ yards away.

edit: Forgot to mention the on screen effects, but they were mentioned multiple times above. They persist the entire fight, and while I eventually tuned it out, definitely is annoying to have them be there all the time.


I didn’t personally test it, but I was watching a few streamers who were and the screen effects were pretty over the top. I’ve never had a screen effect make me feel nauseous, but for some reason this one did. I get car sick/sea sick, but ive never had issues in wow.

This boss however changed that, hopefully you add an option to remove the effect or change it so its a lot more subtle.

(Denona) #11

It’s the penultimate boss, it should require a higher avg ilvl to complete compared to previous bosses.

(Vareesa) #12

This is fine, but keep in mind they had us testing in 445 gear. If they wanted it tested in what should be where we will be closer to the end of the raid (448-453 likely), then they should probably have us testing in that ilvl.

Was just a mention, the boss has like 620M hp in a 30 man heroic, not including the healing it gets in the p2 intermission. You could end up having to go through 700M+ hp in a big heroic group, and that just is a lot is all.

(Denona) #14

The health it has on the PTR will most likely not be the amount it will have on live. The idea of testing bosses on the PTR is to test the fight, not kill it.

If you kill the boss during testing, you are locked to it on that character.