[Feedback - Build 45480] Hunter Class Talents + Beast Mastery

im so excited for zoo hunter to be back also it really makes u feel like a master of beasts


For me, I just would’ve wanted the option back to be able to pick between Barbed Shot and Dire Beast.

It hasn’t been particularly useful since before Legion.

Having said that, the new talent ‘Call of the Wild’ is more or less going to be a version of the old Stampede, just with fewer pets spawning initially.

That, and the fact that they’re, in several cases, picking apart baseline abilities, like Bestial Wrath, and moving the CDR interaction with Barbed Shot to a stand-alone talent, as an example. Imagine BM gameplay without getting Bestial Wrath up every ~30 sec…

They can just make a small branch extension from the Counter Shot talent, to the left of it where there’s free space, and put Wailing Arrow there. It makes no sense for why that ability should be duplicated in spec trees, when any other abilities that generally fall under the same category, they’re in the class tree already.



There are so mamy better ways to do these trees. Blizz copy/pasted, then broken them apart and set em as talents. Then published.

Look at exhilaration. It used to heal you and your pet. Now it heals you but if you spend 2 points it will heal your pet too. Wtf is that?


Agreed. I’ve also made some edits to the OP. To reflect some of the things that have been mentioned in the discussions regarding Beast Mastery. Along with my own reflections after a 2nd…5th look at the tree^^

Note that I’ve made no comments regarding the class tree, other than anything that would also relate directly to the BM tree.


Idk if i can actually look in depth at the trees on the computer. Ive been doing it on my phone bc im traveling for work atm but i feel as if i do look at them they will just piss me off more.
I might mess around with the builder thing later, or just nap, bc that would be more pleasant then looking at these dumpster fires.

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I really hope that they’ll take a thorough look at, and genuinely consider, feedback that’s been posted, despite that we don’t yet have access to play on the alpha. Some of the things, you can get the grasp of how it will feel pretty easily.

And yeah,…

  • Duplicate effects for abilities like:
    • Improved Kill Command and Killer Command
    • Sharp Barbs and Qa’pla, Eredun War Order
    • Beast Master and Training Expert
    • Cobra Shot’s secondary effect and Cobra Senses

…I hope that they will reconsider their approach to these. It’s just a waste of talent space if you ask me.


BM also can get a very similar version of the venthyr one but it’s with kill command not flayed shot. Don’t know about MM or Survival


Plus, why the heck did surv get nesingwary’s (trap leggo) which is garbo af instead of the bomb leggo?


I am going to need to get more pigs!

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hey blizzard, get gud and know what you are doing?
blue too scared to reply haha. pathetic

These are on opposite sides of the tree. You are likely going to take one or the other, not both. Or you can take both and just buff Barbed Shot’s damage more.

Improved Kill Command and Beast Master are both in the class tree so that non BM hunters can amplify the damage of those things. BM can just increase it further by taking Killer Command and Training Expert.

I would wager that the the two together will reduce the cooldown of Kill Command by 2 seconds.

One more thing. As I have had to comment on my DK, these trees also double as our leveling system. All the skills that we would have learned naturally at certain levels or went back to a trainer to get are on these trees so that we have some freedom about when we get certain abilities.

Do you think Dire Beast will stop like on live? If it does that would make it a nice talent for 1 point.

I dont know if everyone remebers about the loadout system that you make in the city and change it when your outside, dungeon or raid but out of combat so like during trash do aoe then boss single target these trees arnt that bad you will just be switching loadouts acouple times with ever your doing. So you will still be able to do aoe and single targer damage.

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You mean Nesingwary’s Trapping Apparatus in the class tree? I guess they wanted to include options to focus more on the use of traps, ones that have some value for all specs. Maybe I misunderstood you^^

Yep, I got that. My issue wasn’t with their respective value, but rather the unimaginative nature of the overall design/composition, where multiple talents do more or less the exact same thing. My argument is that there is so much more that could be done that would increase the depth and thematic range of the individual spec trees, + the class tree. Why waste talent spots on base percentage increasing talents, when many of them are focusing on the same elements?

Yep, I got that as well. My point was more about how they could then skip such talents in the spec tree and put their focus on something more interesting, gameplay-wise.

Not to mention how the talent Improved Kill Command is merely a stepping stone to the choice node options at the bottom, both providing flat percentage increases, which are waaay bigger, to Kill Command as well, but also with certain interesting functions to go along with it.

Probably. My point is the same as above. Especially as the Killer Cobra talent is also still available as an option at the bottom. They’ve essentially taken the SL Season 3 BM tier set bonus and picked the one part that causes Cobra Shot to reduce the remaining CD of Kill Command by a bit more.

Don’t get me wrong, considering how we will now have the option to make Kill Command have 2 charges, having talents that allow you to more quickly regain said charges would definitely be useful. But if that’s how Cobra Senses will work, then I would like for Cobra Senses to also provide something more.

Yep. And? Sorry, not getting your point here…

Us DKs warned everyone that they were coming for everyone’s spec and they didn’t believe! They’ve come! They’ve commmeeee!

Seriously though I feel bad for the hunter trees. My first thought looking at just the base one was ‘why is EXPLOSION SHOT’ still an option when they got rid of that spec?(RIP old survival, you were my favourite and my main for years. No offence to peeps who enjoy current survival. I’m glad you’re having fun. Old survival was the first spec I was GOOD at so it had a special place in my heart) There’s no point for it.

So as an UH DK with a blerg tree as well, we’re here for you. Here’s hoping they make our trees better.


Not entirely sure what you mean here.


That aside, still, there are some concerns.

Yep, agreed. Would love it if brought it back, ideally not as a replacement to something in existence.


Not loving what I’m seeing, but I wasn’t expecting to after the earlier class previews. With as lazy and half-baked as Blizzard has become balance is going to be a nightmare. I guess we’ll just have to see what it looks like closer to release.


People keep complaining that we will have baseline abilities as talents. If the talent trees were like the pre-MoP trees, the complaint that we have to talent baselines would make sense as you had to purchase your main abilities or they were just given to us as we level.

These trees are also how we get the spells we get while leveling. Instead of purchasing them from a trainer or waiting for a certain level, you are instead getting talent points to decide what abilities you get at what level.

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It’s more so the fact that after all this time you can’t tell me Blizzard can’t be creative and come up with new talents and spells cause hell if Jim Bob who’s working at a circle K gas station for 7.50 and hour can come up with some talents spells faster than that of the dev team then I don’t know what to say though I’ll say this hire Jim Bob.