FEEDBACK: Blackwing Lair -- First Four Bosses

With the opening of this PTR, we’ve enabled updates to the first four bosses in Blackwing Lair.

Please reply to this thread with your feedback from testing:
Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

Thank you!


  • Love the fight and seeing all the new mechanics. We did wipe a bunch of times because we weren’t sure what was killing us. The azure bolt damage is kind of hard to see or avoid? I guess it would require further testing to know exactly whats going on with how that damage is dealt, but as a raid we decided to just tank the chromatic drake off in a cubby and do the fight normally, then deal with the drake afterward.


  • Our main tank got the stacking Burning Adrenaline buff and the fight was extremely easy. Tank had like 500% haste and 500% damage, we just healed through the boss damage and the debuff damage. I think it made the fight easier than before. I think an easy solution would be for the burning adrenaline to just ignore top of threat meter?


  • We actually didn’t kill Firemaw. So we put on Fire resistance and pulled normally, then half the raid died to the chain lightning. We then tried to use the entire room to spread out and avoid the static debuff and got much much closer to killing it, but we had to break up the raid because many in the raid had their regular scheduled raid night. We’re going back in later tonight!

Firemaw 2

  • Going back in, we killed it pretty quickly by just spreading out a ton and telling melee to just be careful going in so they don’t kill the tank. I honestly think this fight would be easier with 0 melee, all range.


  • Holy moly, what a great fight. Only issue I think there is, it might be too hard for most guilds, if not all. We didn’t kill it but we had a last really good pull, at 40% or so. One idea I had was maybe changing the ice blocks to last until the next breath went out. We wiped a few times because blocks despawned right before a breath. Either way, fantastic fight

Chromaggus 2

  • We noticed it is possible for no blue debuffs to go out when a normal breath happens. So your whole raid just eats breaths and dies.

  • So we finally killed the boss, but it was still very sketchy, many pulls no blue debuffs went out at all and we just ate breaths in the face. Also on multiple occasions, corrosive acid just went through ice blocks on people

VOD from the fights:

twitch . tv/videos/1262637395


twitch . tv/videos/1262974405

Logs from the fights:

vanilla.warcraftlogs . com/reports/td6yFqRQ93zmMLZA/

Logs 2

vanilla.warcraftlogs . com/reports/dZLYXw4AB9Cn3r1J/

Chromaggus kill logs

vanilla.warcraftlogs . com/reports/RgQfjT8nv9FZa47w/

Not a feedback yet but enchants are missing on the PTR you have spell power and healing power but no way to use them caus the vendor does sell the mats we need the only thing we can enchant is crusader and +9 to 2H weapon.

Thanks ^.^