Feedback: Blackrock Depths pet battle dungeon


Just doing a runthrough of the pet battle dungeon now.

I’ve noticed it is a considerable difficulty curve from previous dungeons. As it’s early PTR, not sure if it’s intentional.

Most fights are high RNG and have very high damage output (seemingly too much?).

Although the difficulty personally isn’t an issue for me, I know the larger pet battle community may not have such a large roster to work with - even for just the non-challenge version of the dungeon. Some fights you just have to hope and brute force, which i can tell may be an issue.

I’ve even found with a larger roster, some of the fights are a pain. I’m currently on Stage 6 and it’s a bit of a roadblock. Not managed to pass it yet. Even Stage 1 was a pain.

(Amayita) #2

I’ve gotten past Stage 6 (Alran Heartshade), but it’s not necessarily a strat I’d be comfortable putting up for others, because there can be RNG and it’s more intuitive than maybe the average person would like.

Out of the three pets on Alran, Ruddy is the real problem. Wanderer and Frill weren’t too bad with the right combination.

I’m currently on Zuna Skullcrush, which has three pets with weather abilities, abilities that benefit greatly from said weather abilities, and whose power stats are 338, 429, and 351. Combine that with their boss buff and health pools, and I’ve needed two pets to defeat each one so far. I’ve only gotten to the last pet once, and that was because I managed to not get hit with a crit. If I had, at any point, I never would have seen the final pet.

I get that people complain when the dungeons are too easy, but it generally doesn’t take me 5 hours (Alran) to find a strat that works.


I agree, there really needs to be a middle ground. Its ok if its challenging, but the pets are waayyy too overtuned at this point. Hopefully they make some adjustments soon.

I gave up on Alran last night, I was having issues with Frill and Wanderer surprisingly. Ruddy I just used a Kneebiter against and he seemed to fall over. Might try rabbits today or something.

(Amayita) #4

I almost just solo’d it in a super cheesy, over-the-top RNG way. :see_no_evil:

Not worth posting, and it took almost 100 rounds, but it was fun.


I can’t seem to find the pet battle dungeon entrance. I tried going to BRD. Who do I talk to?

(Amayita) #6

His name is Burt Macklyn – he’s just past the bridge on the left. You need the breadcrumb quest from either Radek Fuselock (Horde) or Tizzy Gearjolt (Alliance), to send you to BRD.


You also sometimes need to have ‘leveled’ 1 or 15 pets to level 25 to unlock it. But you can do this using pet charms and duplicating your character. Somtimes the pet battle achievements dont read correctly on PTR.

(Amayita) #8

Normally I just do copy account data a few times, and that takes care of it. So I’ll copy the data > copy character > login to check, if I don’t have what I need, I log out > copy account data > check again, and do that until I have everything.


Ty! All. Very helpful. I did the Account Data copy a few times and it finally loaded my archives to unlocked the quest

(Amayita) #10

So, here’s what I think per stage:

Stage 2 – Not too bad. It’s doable with the right pets.

Stage 3 & 5 – Single pet fights are always pretty simple, so no big observations there.

Stage 4 – I thought I’d had a decent strategy for this fight, but RNG is RNG, and it proved that my strat wasn’t foolproof. The fight isn’t that bad, if you’re able to heal and try again, but we know that isn’t possible in the Challenge Mode, so it’s a moot point.

Logic feels like Overcharge and Mega Jolt should have some kind of CD. 50% crit stacked on top of 75% from the Unstable engineering buff is mildly ridiculous in combination with the pet’s power (373), boss buff (50% damage reduction), speed (355), and health pool (2244). If they were some kind of glass cannon, that’d be different, but this feels like an unobtanium cannon. I imagine Math is in the same boat.

Stage 6 – This is the fight that made me want to ask whoever put this dungeon together; “Who in the pet community hurt you?” (At least until I got to Zuna, shudders) The fight is punishing, with incredibly fast pets, two of which have stuns.

Fun fact: Unless your root ability is at full rounds, Frill ignores the root and Fades anyway.

You already know about the double-stun nonsense, for which the answer seems to be; “Them’s the breaks.”

Magma Trap is also triggering without any attacks, unless you also define Passing, Healing, or Dodging an attack. In which case, I’d like to be given the definition of what an ‘attack’ is, because it seems the answer is: anything and everything. And sometimes when the trap is ‘triggered’, if I have a Dodge on the trap remains. Independence Day movie .gif inserted here

Yes, I did manage to almost solo it with one pet, which means if I bring three of that pet I should be good, right? Probably not. The RNG of that approach was ridiculous, and my initial strat for getting past Alran isn’t much better.

Stage 7 – I’m not sure where to start with this one, to be honest. She has three weather-based pets, with power stats starting at 338, and roughly 2k hp each. The first one uses the new weather Toxic Fumes, has leech seed, and then Contagion Strike. The second pet is a Sunlight / Photosynthesis pet -_-, and the third (which I’ve only made it to once) is another Toxic Fumes / Poison damage pet.

Using pets to change the weather means I’m sacrificing bigger hit combos needed to eat through the enemy pets, but without the weather change, it seems almost impossible to bring them down before they kill my pets. Of course, they’re killing them either way, which is part of the problem.

Overall? I appreciate the increase in difficulty. It’s what most people have been asking for, and I probably would have been disappointed if all it took was an afternoon to come up with 100% good to go strats. That said, there’s a difference between difficult and needlessly punishing, and in some cases, impossible.

Thank you for all your hard work, and I hope you take the above statements as tongue-in-cheek, and not at all angry, (because I’m not). Have a lovely weekend! :slight_smile:


I also feel like Magma Trap may be broken. It feels like it hits a lot more than the average player Magma Trap, and I’ve noticed it has an error when you hover over it (to do with hit chance)

Like you’ve covered, the amount of RNG is insane. Every fight has something in it that is RNG. None of these fights are skill based, it’s just rolling the dice to see if you’ll die or restart.

Good difficulty does not mean it has to be insane RNG. Fras Siabi was a good example of this - still, a full team of mostly unique pets needed, but the RNG factor was only reliant on you getting crit multiple (or little) times. This would be “good difficulty” in my opinion.

To toss a bit of a meme in here, these end fights seem mathematically impossible and I’m not even sure if Stage 7 is the last stage.

Ideally, in my guide writing and pet battling experiences, these pets should be nerfed numbers wise. If the RNG is still there, sure, but the damage needs to be brought down a notch.

With my guide writing experience, I’ve done these dungeons more than many players have, especially on PTR. Stratholme I completed maybe 25 or so times in total (maybe more) to finish off my guide. The perfect scenario would be that these pets are reasonably beatable by at least 3 different teams with obtainable, non Blizz store pets. Even with the earlier fights I’ve been holed into using the same teams over and over, which isn’t realistic for challenge mode without abusing the logout and use a bandage method.

I genuinely do feel like nobody tested these fights before implementing them, which i guess is what we are here for, but you’d think someone would check to see if you could do it atleast once.

(Amayita) #12

There are 9 stages, which was datamined when the dungeon first showed up as an achievement on the PTR, I think. I just finished my write-up on Xu-Fu’s for what we know so far.

I do think they need some kind of number adjustment. Fras difficulty was okay for one fight, maybe two, but having Fras RNG for every single fight might frustrate people more than is necessary–especially for those with smaller rosters. Having to keep 3 teams on hand for each fight, just in case, just isn’t plausible for everyone.

ETA: Unless they’re treating this pet dungeon like the pet version of Mage Tower, that is, heh. Then I guess three teams each fight would kind of be on-point


Atleast we could beat him :wink:

3 teams is the absolute minimum for what I recommend at Wowhead - and I always have to include the obtainable, reasonable to get pets or people are unhappy.

I’ve also realized if it actually stays this difficult it’s likely going to kill off a tonne of interest in an already small community, and discourage newer pet battlers from keeping with it. :frowning: Lets hope for a change with the next build!


Some of those were already more difficult than I liked - pet battles were typically short content people could do. I personally find these already too long to do. If they took max 1 hour ok I can live with it, but when I have to spend 2 hours or more in there I just won’t do them.

(Amayita) #15

I also found two more things about Magma Trap that probably need to be fixed.

1: Moves that clear it from the field always trigger the trap, and that is simply ridiculous. It should be a flat chance no matter what is used.

2: If you trigger the trap with a move that “always goes first”, your speed permanently remains at the modified speed. So right now, my pet has 1950 speed.

(Amayita) #16

I managed to find something to beat Zuna, for now, and then I come up against Tasha… The first two pets aren’t that bad, I can find a couple of 1 to 1 pets to beat them. The last pet, Glitzy, is just as ridiculous as Zuna’s final pet. You’re basically facing a Nexus Whelpling on boss-level steroids.

(Amayita) #17

Every single fight has had some stat adjustments, and feels more stable in regards to strategy creation. I still think Magma Trap being up for 9 rounds is craziness, in general, but I’ll figure it out.

(Nimox) #18

Will forward on comments regarding Magma Trap and see if something has been changed or broken with it.