Feedback: Augmentation Evokers

With todays PTR update, the following changes have arrived for the new Augmentation specialization:

    • Emerald Blossom’s flower now grows immediately on cast and heals after 1.5 seconds (was 2 seconds).
    • Augmentation
      • Pupil of Alexstrazsa now only launches 1 additional Living Flame when Leaping Flames is active (previously, it was casting an extra Living Flame for every Leaping Flames charge).
      • New Talent: Dream of Spring – Emerald Blossom no longer has a cooldown, deals 35% increased healing, and increases the duration of your active Ebon Might effects by 1 second, but costs 3 Essence. Emerald Blossom will now benefit from and consume Essence Burst.
        • Developer’s Note: In a future PTR update, Dream of Spring will be moved to be a choice node with Prolong Life.
      • Activate Weyrnstone is now usable while moving.
      • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Set Bonus has been implemented:
        • 2-Set Bonus: Ebon Might increases the damage of your empower spells by 30%.
        • 4-Set Bonus: Ebon Might grants an additional 1% primary stat to each ally.
        • Developer’s Notes: Augmentation’s set bonus for Vault of the Incarnates will be added in a future PTR update.


    • Augmentation
      • New PvP Talent: Born in Flame – Ebon Might causes your Living Flame to become instant cast while it is active.

The issue with Dream of Spring is it will pretty much never be better to cast it over eruption so it looks like it will just be a dead talent.


In light of the recent efforts to reduce healing from dps specializations ( 16 may ptr development notes) and considering that augmentation seems to have multiple abilities/ talents aimed to healing and shielding allies ( even a spell that can be considered a mini tank external), I am wondering if augmentation replacing the healer in a m+ dungeon will be supported as part of the design philosophy.

In other words, if 1tank, 3 dps + 1 augmentation becomes “meta” in keys, will there be tuning to ensure the usual 1 tank 3 dps 1 healer is optimal, or is this new configuration something that you would be ok with.

While this new configuration undoubtedly would be riskier, and your can always answer that groups seeking more healing would choose a healer, it is no secret that top groups prioritize the healers that do most dps. Additionally, what this people play trickles down and dictates the meta. Moreover , in lower keys there is less to heal so if viable, playing an augmentation in the healer role would be even better compared to regular healers.


Have to disagree with you there. I could see it being quite good in M+, I actually think it’s a really great talent for casual-casual hardcore players, vs. the total high end.

I know sometimes when raids are tuned harder having an extra healer helps, but then we lose dps, the ability to lose just some dps for an off-healer is quite valuable. Heal when you need and dps when you don’t. The option being there is exactly what a support spec should have - options.

It’s not meant to replace a healer, but it could be valuable in off-healing.


While it’s nice seeing the potential for off-healing, I think it would be better if this talent was baseline to the avokers kit. (Maybe minus the 35% increase)

Leaving the talent tree open for some other form of off-healing talent.

While I appreciate you recognize the need for another Essence Spender - placing it so far down the bottom right side of the tree in a niche area as a choice node is not the answer.

Making a class with a shared CD mechanic like Essence and then giving them only one Core ability to spend it on is ridiculous - Essence is a shared CD mechanic not a Builder/Spender. For Augmentation Essence is effectively an overly complicated way of showing the CD/Charges for Eruption.

They need another core spender or you need to just abandon the Essence mechanic for Augmentation because it’s pointless. As it stands now Eruption is basically just a 2 Charge ability with a chance to proc free casts hidden behind a useless resource mechanic. The fact that something like this was presented to us and then THIS given as the solution raises concerns for the minds behind the decision making at Blizzard - give those poor souls some time off because something like this is a rookie design flaw.


Dream of Spring is an interesting idea and I appreciate the intention behind the talent. It’ll be nice to have an EM extender if we have to move out of range from enemies during particular mechanics. It’ll also be fun to be able to do a bit of backup healing if required. However, I still think it needs a little more to be competitive with the other nodes on the tree.
-Reduce it baseline to a 2 essence cost.
-Condense Symbiotic Bloom to 1 point for the same 6% value.

Investing into an “Emerald Blossom” Augmentation build requires 3 extra points in the class tree that [I believe] we wouldn’t normally take in order to get it to hit 5 targets. I just don’t think 3 additional points in the spec tree is worth the value it brings.

Nice change on the Weyrnstone. Having such a long range does justify a cast time, but the cast time also felt contrary to the whole point of the talent for a very slow class like Priest. Castable while moving is a good happy medium.


Faster Emerald Blossom is just lovely in general, I’m excited by that.

The Pupil nerf, honestly, makes sense. It was pretty obscenely powerful.

Dream of Spring… Okay. So. Conceptually I love the idea of this talent because I want another spender. But this doesn’t feel right. Emerald Blossom is, frankly, a hard spell to use effectively in general. Symbiotic Bloom is weak, especially for a two point investment. Prolong Life almost, kinda, made the extra point of investment feel acceptable because it helps reduce the awkwardness around Emerald Blossom. But having Dream of Spring on a choice node with Prolong Life kinda kills that. Meanwhile, leaving it standalone is more tree bloat, which isn’t good either. However, one thing you could do is take Geomancy out and replace it with Dream of Spring. That’d help flesh out the pathing on that side of the tree to feel a little more natural, since Defy Fate and Spatial Paradox don’t make sense to be linked by Geomancy. I know this is going to sound like overkill, but just fold Geomancy into Echoing Strike, and increase the number of seconds of cooldown it cuts on proc. It isn’t that wild of a power shift, and would make the tree feel more natural. As is, I think these couple of nodes are going to be dead on the overwhelming majority of players.

Really torn on the set bonuses here. Numerically, they don’t seem bad. They just kinda feel uninspired, I guess? We’ve got this bold new specialization that’s coming in more or less in the gap between seasons, depending on how soon this patch drops. Seems like a good opportunity to give them something that’s cool besides “make number bigger.” But maybe that’s actually intentional and the set from 10.2 will provide more interesting effects, since they’ll be around for that full season.

I still want to reiterate my feedback from a few days ago (Feedback: Augmentation Evokers - #26 by Kiriona-sargeras) and say that there’s a bunch of really interesting stuff about this specialization, and it’s something I’ve wanted for years, but it doesn’t seem to be quite hitting the mark. The core loop minigame of Ebon Might is cool, but there are a bunch of places I see potential improvements that would be great to have if any of them land.

Regardless of this, thank you to y’all for trying something new and interesting that we haven’t seen before.


This makes sense and should be the case. Although, I will miss seeing casting a tonne of Living Flames in all directions, both for the impact feel but also that it was a great way to have a higher chance of more Essence Burst. Augmentation feels starved of EB already so removing this may reduce the overall EBs and enhance the feeling of starvation.

If Living Flame/Azure Strike had higher chances to proc EB, or if Anachronism was a guaranteed EB, then it would make the rotation feel more fluid.

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This is a Copy of my Post in another thread

Coming from a Devastation Main on EU, that managed to achieve Cutting Edge about a month before the new patch, and never plays PvP

I’m gonna plop down my first impressions, that i got from about 2 hour of beta testing (mainly on dummys)

Firstly the Theme: Considering this is the “Black Dragon magic” spec i find it weird that most of the “Augmenting” spells are actually bronze themed. The main rotational spells are Black, but all (except Ebon Might and Blistering Scales) support skills seem to be bronze. This strikes me as very odd.
This isn’t helped by one of the Black spells we’ve come to know, Deep Breath, being changed to a bronze spell.

Talents and the other 2 specs:

I hope to see a major overhaul of the class tree coming in the next couple of weeks, many of the talent on the Augmentation Tree are tools devastation has been shouting for a while now,

  • Mainly the threat reduction skill.
  • Gaining “stagger” for Deep/Dreambreath is another major pain point for Devastation as well as Preservation.
  • The “cheat death” style ability would probably be too strong on Pres, but i hope it finds its way into the Dev tree as well.
  • Both Essence Bursts in one node (instead of 2) for Devastation

now let’s talk actuall Talents/Skills

  • Ebon Might
    the bread and Butter of the Spec, the main Support ability. Give Mainstat to yourself and 4 nearby allys (the tooltip is a bit weird here, as it does not state it will buff yourself as well)
    This Buff should probably be unique, and not be applicable to allys that already have one (from another Augmenter)
    The implications of buffing “nearby” allys is troublesome as well. This could lead to the augmenter having to run across the room to find the right ally to buff which isn’t always feasible the 25 Yards on most abiliys makes this even worse. This should probably be like Windfury Totem and apply to the group instead.

  • Eruption
    the ONLY Augmentation spender.
    This spell is a bit odd. Dealing the same damage in singletarget or AoE (just spread in aoe) only for the next node to increase its AoE per target. Overall fine.

  • Essence Burst
    Both Essence bursts for 1 talent point! YES good (Add this to devastation and Pres)

  • Imposing Pressence/Inner Radiance
    This Choice-node might as well not exist. Since the node isn’t mandetory like it is for Dev, it is only ever gonna get taken for the low CD kick.

  • Essenc Attunement
    2 Stacks of Essence Burst. Interestingly like for Pres, this can be skipped without impacting pathing much.

  • Pupil of Alextrasza/Echoing Strike
    Another Choice node without purpose. Pupil is just strictly better then Echoing, Living Flame deals more Damage and more importantly has a higher chance to proc Essence Brust.

    • Even in the best case scenario for Echoing Strike: at 3 Targets with Protracted Talons your chance for an essence burst is 15% + 30% to get another 15%.
      Pupil grants 2x20% even at only 2 Targets.
      • Even if Echoing was 100% chance it’d be worse at 2x15%
        (i’m not counting the Damage of LF vs AS as the goal of the spec is to extend Ebon Might via casts of Eruption and thus Essence Burst procs. I expect buff uptime to be more valueable then “filler spell” damage)
  • Upheaval
    The Augmentation Empower Spell deals Damage, Empowering increases the Size.
    since even rank 2 of this is quite big i don’t expect to empower this to 3 (or even 4) much if ever.
    Honestly i would’ve expected some sort of Support flavor from the spec’s empower spell (beside extending Ebon Might)

  • Breath of Eons
    Look its Touch of the Magi, but for all of my friends (with Ebon Might).
    As with Deep Breath/Dreamflight this spell is very dangerous, as you get chunked by all sorts of ground effects, or puddles/frontals. Also like Deep Breath/Dreamflight it’s got a fairly long windup animation, which means many of said frontals/puddles can spawn AFTER YOU PRESSED THE ABILITY leaving you stuck in the animation, knowing your currently flying to your doom.

    • Pressing this button applys Ebon Might for a flat 5 seconds to nearby allys. (This isn’t reflected in the tooltip). Now this can be problematic, on max flight distance the remaining buff durration is down to about 1- 1.5 second, at 20% haste i cannot cast a Eruption fast enough to extend the buff!
      • (Suggestion: Apply the Ebon Might, and Touch of the Magi Debuff upon Landing from Breath of Eons. That way you don’t risk dropping the Buff because of a long distance flight, while also not incentivising max flight distance.
    • The Cd on this is also somewhat weird, most classes run on 2 or 3 Minute CD timings, BOE being 1.5 is fine for the 3 minute specs. With all CD reduction Talents you get to 1.1 Minutes which feels like you should be able to reduce it to 1 Minute to lineup with your friends.
  • Defy Fate
    A cheat death with AoE heal whats not to love. (can Devastation also get this pretty please?)

  • Timelessness
    Seems like this spell got lost on its way to the Devastation tree, and landed here.
    As far as i know Devastation is the only Spec that struggles with Threat as some points, so its really odd to find the solution they’ve been shouting for in the other spec’s tree.

  • Seismic Slam
    This sounds… weird? stunning kocked up targets only is an extremely specific requirement, and stacking a Stun on a stop (knock up) doesn’t sound very useful to me. Especialy since knockups tend to be fairly short.

  • Volcanism
    I’m not sure why this node exists. It’s clearly a must take in all scenarios. If eruption is intended to cost 2 Essence, please just make the spell 2 essence and don’t make us waste talent points for it (same applys to Pyre in the Dev tree btw)

  • Perilous Fate/Chrono Ward
    Perilous is extremely specific, a movement 70% slow is traditionally not very impactful. The 50% Attack-speed slow is alot more interesting, the low duration of 10 seconds makes this probably not worth the point.
    Chrono Ward however, placing a ~ 20 second, ~800k absorption shield on 4 people certainly sounds very powerful.

  • Stretch Time
    Basicly give yourself Time Dialation on Deep Breath.
    • Anyone playing evoker can surely tell multiple cases of Deepbreath killing you. Tieing a defensive to it is certanily welcome (I personally think this could go a lot higher then 50% but i’ll take anything at this point).
      Can we please move this to the classtree instead? Dev and Pers could certainly use this.
  • Bestow Weyrnstone
    Now this is interesting unique support. I love everything about it!

  • Blistering Scales
    i’m not sure how well this will turn out in practice. It’s very much dependent on how fast the stacks get consumed. I’m afraid this might turn into a hassle in a raid due to constant tank swap mechanics, but we will see. Maybe a choice node to apply this to a target instead and have it work like old Disc Smite (absorbing a small flat dmg done before it’s dealt?)

  • Draconic Attunements
    like with Ebon Might this should probably apply to the group. It does not Stack so at least this can’t cause shenanigans.

  • Spatial Paradox
    “unlimited” Range for a Healer sounds like a very cool buff. It’s very niche though, which makes me question the positioning on the tree a bit. In my opinion this would work better as a dead end on the tree somewhere (swap with Power Nexus for examples).

  • Symbiotic Bloom
    This sound nice though i think having to cast Blossom on CD could turn tedious, i’d if prefer Ebon Might(spell) would (drop a blossom and) apply the healing Amp.

  • Prescience
    a rotational small crit+dmg buff. This is the kind of spell i wanted to see!
    added EB proc on cast is also very nice! Since this is a rotational spell, i’d like to see the Essence burst chance be 100%.

  • Mote of Possibility
    A Blessing of Autum kind of Ability. Reduce major Cd of whoever picks up the mote.
    The mote is small and the visual easily overlooked. I don’t think this is gonna be playable in the current form.
    Random proc with a random “nearby” spawn.
    This would need some from of consistency to see proper usage / be a button

  • Font of Magic
    This seems somewhat lost on the tree, you really don’t have any incentive to ever Empower spells, the opposite actually you DON’T want to empower, as that’d mean you spend time empowering instead of generating Essence Burst, for Eruption and thus extensions.
    A fix would be something like “extends EB by 5 sec + duration you spend empowering” (refunding the time lost empowering by extending the buff more, can’t be high or you’d always max empower though)


2nd copied post :stuck_out_tongue:
though i added some though’s i had sice posting the original one

Gameplay and Implications

The spec seems to play VERY similar to Devastation. Generate as much Essence burst as possible then spend them for buff Extensions.
The Thrill of chasing extensions you know from maybe Breath of Syndragosa (Frost DK), Voidform (shadow Priest) or Dragonrage (Devastation) exists though on a smaller scale as dropping the buff is not super punishing, in the worst case, you can reapply it 20 seconds later.

it looks to be a VERY simple rotation, Apply Ebon Might, use empowers (rank 1) use Eruption, use Presience and Living flame to fish for EB procs. It’s also very immobile (only instant cast is Prescience on a 12 sec cd).

Casting Living flame and Eruption feel almost identical which can make it feel like your just spamming one Button most of the time.

On Eruption Visual:
I can see this spell feeling like its not doing anything in a raid due to the quite minimalistic visuals.
An eruption should feel like a powerful blast, not like a small fart cloud creeping towards the target.

  • i’d suggest repurposing some of the (gorgeous) Landslide particle animations for a new visual. Adding a bit of travel time!
    think something like the Malphite Q form League of Legends/or Enhancement’s Thundering flying to the target (on a smaller scale) then they explode as the currently do

My Expectations vs what it currently looks like

i honestly expected this spec to be close to the FF14 Dancer, as such i’m honestly shocked that there’s no Singletarget amp ability equivalent to Power Infusion /Blessing of Summer.

In general it seems like there is very little “control” on who i want to buff and outside of Breath of Eons, little incentive to look to the “right” time/ally to buff apply buffs.

I also kind of expected a choice between buffing multiple people vs 1. I wanted to create the most deadly warlock WoW has ever seen :stuck_out_tongue:

I also expected some sort of feedback from my allys for buffing them. Like the before mentioned FF14 Dancer that gains resources from their buffed ally’s damage.
An historic WoW ability like that would be Mage’s Focus Magic (Crit buff on an ally, if that person crits, you (the mage) get a crit buff)

The Main(only) damage CD being linked to a Deepbreath Style of ability has got me worried. Its a clunky, and at times unresponsive ability. As Devastation you can largely ignore the spell. On Pres you Dreambreath through allys that don’t cleave/whirlwind you. Augmenters will be risking theirs lives every 1.5 to 1 Minute flying though the raidboss (is that why the Cheat death and Stagger are here?).


Just echoing what I’ve written before as feedback,

Currently Augmentation feels like a rough draft, which is completely understandable, it has solid foundations to be a great spec.

My biggest issue is the flow of the spec, the gameplay loop can be most definitely improved on. Currently Augmentation feels very static.

Ignition Rush, currently reduces the cast time of Eruption by 30% when consuming Essence Burst, Honestly it should be instant cast, this then gives us a little breathing room when repositioning or movement occurs, which is insanely common in modern WoW.

Just this slight change alone will go a long way.

Some Talents though are insanely niche or feel redundant.

  • Timlessness, I can’t see anyone at all want to use a talent point to reduce threat in any content. It’s better spent else where.
  • Stretch Time, this feels like hands down should be passive across all specs not a talent for one specifically.
  • Plot the Future, 10 seconds reduced Breath of Eons seems placed their as a last minute decision, personally I would of preferred a talent with more synergy, why not Eruptions reduce the cd of Breath of Eon by 2 seconds, this essentially will make Breath of Eons more apart of our rotational gameplay loop.
  • Font of magic definitely feels out of place as a capstone aswell, why not a capstone for Eruption?.

Comparing both dps specs of Evoker,

Devastation - Augmentation
Living Flame - Living Flame
Azure Strike - Azure Strike
Pyre -
Disintegrate - Eruption (our only spender)
Fire Breath - Fire Breath
Eternity Surge - Upheaval
Shattering Star -
Deep Breath - Breath of Eons
Firestorm -

While we have other means of doing damage, Blistering Scales and buffing allies with Ebon Might and Prescience, I’d like to see way more synergy on Eruption as it’s really our only spender.

  • Ignition Rush, making Eruption instant cast when consuming Essence Burst.
  • Instead of Stretch Time, why not a talent to have a 35% chance to send 2 Eruptions.

Really double down and focus on our only spender. It’s currently way to similar to Living Flame.

Visually the spec looks amazing, although I feel like Azure Strike when Talented into Echoing Strike should lose its blue visuals for a bronze sand theme.

Like mages, each spec should have unique fillers, even if it’s just a change of colour, why not Augmentations Living Flame more black/bronze?.

Great first draft, good ideas, love how your finally thinking outside the box in terms of spec design, eager to see future adjustments.

Hopefully more synergy with Eruption, more flow of gameplay loop.

In short, Double down on Eruption, let it be instant cast with Essence Burst, instead of stretch time a talent to make Eruption cast twice or Echo it’s damage, a capstone for Eruption.


Personally, given the design of the spec thus far I feel like its currently better designed to be the beginning stages of a caster tank (and personally, I think that’d be cooler).

As it currently stands however, if its to be a ‘support dps’ I’m not sure where I see it fitting in as it were. Given aforementioned references to FF14 Dancer, one aspect about the support roles (Physical Ranged) is that for their overall lower personal dps they do put out buffs but primarily they are capable of casting while moving. Thus a benefit to the support role is having someone in the party always perfectly suited to handle mechanics. If it still operates mostly as a turreting caster, then I don’t see a lot of differences between it and other dps.

Given the buff, the numbers are currently large but I have to presume those will get toned down especially as group testing occurs. If the buffs its putting out are so large to effectively force meta design to include Augmentation, then I have to presume it’ll get nerfed down. That or it’ll exist long enough that fights will get tuned assuming its inclusion, and then we’ll require a hard course correction down the road similar to the recent healer nerf/dungeon buff. And if the buffs it puts out mathematically work out so that maybe yes you get a little more dps out of a group but still fall within the range of what it would be like if you just had a standard dps along instead, then I fail to see how its a ‘support’ dps and not just any other dps. Just it expects other players to do damage for it.

Ideally, what I’d really like is a full blue post on Augmentation, To describe the philosophy behind Augmentation. Why do you see it as a support? What do you intend it to be as a support? Force Multiplier according to the announcement sure, but that’s a pretty vague and open ended term especially across the gaming spectrum (mmo, moba, etc). After Augmentation, what will being a ‘support’ mean? What is in Augmentations toolkit because its Augmentation, and what is in its toolkit just because its a support? How will support inclusion change other classes? Will utility partially be moved off of other specs to give support a stronger definition?



I seen this coming, even though the previous interaction was VERY cool.

Great, but it needs to be a maximum of 2 essences, reduce or remove the healing bonus and put it on the side but accessible to whoever wants it. For me this talent should be the beginning of a line dedicated to providing support to healers.


the first one looks great, the second one (although I know it doesn’t have to be the case) feels meh


I don’t think that’s the case, it will depend on the fight, in fights that are healing checks having an optimized line of talents to support healers will come in handy. This class is not to be looked at from the perspective of a pure DPS.

It shouldn’t be the case, if you could do this you wouldn’t need the healer in the first place and a good dps comp with well coordinated healing capabilities should suffice. With that said, it’s a legitimate concern and part of why I don’t think EB’s healing needs to be increased, at least not as much.

Maybe, but I’d rather not since this support is a DPS support, you have to be careful not to give it too much healing and instead options it to buff healers.

EB without CD, with 2 cost essences and benefiting from EB seems excellent to me to better sustain Symbiotic Bloom+Prolong Life while providing a little help with direct healing AoE.

This is necessary, yes

Everyone wanted it to be a tank. Similar to prot paladin and have the ability to heal others effectii. Not sure why they went this route

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So, coming from a tank’s perspective, this spec looks really fun to have around and potentially game breaking if done poorly. A few quick things I see that are going to cause issues:

  1. Timelessness - This is basically a buff for melee dps who drop a ton of CDs at the start of a pull. You could just call it “let warriors live” or adjust how dps warriors deal with threat. This is a very weird buff as it is insanely valuable for a small subset of players, but totally useless for the rest.

  2. Blistering Scales - This looks like you could easily get 100% uptime on single target bosses, especially with the talent that buffs it, and that will have a DRASTIC effect depending on what tank you are playing with. Because it gives 30% of YOUR armor, it has an additive effect that will not scale well with different tanks.

Bears for example, have a TON of armor with enough IronFur, but rely on it solely for physical DR. Giving them a chunk more armor isn’t horrible, but its pretty negligible.

Warriors and Paladins have high armor and block, which gives them a mixed physical DR. Getting a good chunk more armor will do more than it will do for Bears, but it still won’t be crazy good.

Demon Hunters, when they have spikes up, have pretty solid high armor. They have periods that spikes drop (intentionally for a poorly thought out buff) and because unintentionally because the amount of haste to NEVER drop spikes is alot outside of lust. Having this buff will be BIG for Demon Hunters, because it will smooth out the times their spikes drop. Demon Hunters will LOVE this spell and feel bad without it.

Monks and Death Knights… holy… hell. Both of these classes have relatively low armor because they deal with damage in different ways (stagger vs self heal/bubbles). They take a fair bit more physical damage because they have the tools to deal with it. But, having a big chunk of armor granted to them by an Evoker will be huge. It will either make them feel like gods while this buff is up, or they will need to be adjusted heavily and feel like they require this buff to feel “right”.

A very long winded way of saying that this buff will not apply equally and should be rethought before it becomes an issue with classes that can make alot more out of a flat armor buff than others.


Not exactly true, it would be the preferable talent to use with your Essence Bursts since it’s instant and extends EM just as much as Eruption.

I don’t think the problem is that there is a buff for tanks, rather it is that there is not something useful for every tank. So, it would be nice if there was another talent option that could be used to benefit other tanks, preferably on a choice node next to Blistering Scales.

As a tank, do you have any suggestions (I don’t really play tank)

Can we just make this baseline (ideally) or make pupil have some AS damage increase and LF cast time reduction interplay instead? The issue I am seeing from the little testing I’ve been able to do and from all the reporting from others I’ve watched is just how locked we are to hard casting. It’s possible with the change to pupil that the AS talent may actually be competitive now, but assuming it’s not…. I’d rather see something like “Casting LF grants you Azure’s Boon, causing your next AS to deal 12.5% more damage (stacking up to 4 times) and extending the duration of all active Ebon Might’s by 1 second per stack. After consuming Azure’s Boon, you gain a buff giving you 50% reduced cast time and 25% increased damage to LF for 2 seconds per stack consumed (up to a max of 8 seconds).

Not exactly this, but as a concept I’d rather see interplay between the two that makes using both worth it and helps open up our movement more. Especially since we are also going to be using hover less freely because of the ‘roar’ type interaction we get with draconic attunement (if I recall the talents name correctly).

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Arguably, I’d say the correction to this is to make Spatial Paradox have a passive and activated effect. Passively it lets you personally cast while moving, and activating it extends range and gives both range buff and moving cast to a healer (or even another dps, defaulting to healer if non-targeted).

Not something you wanna give to standard dps, but would be at home on a ‘support’ dps.