Feedback: Auction House Revamp


Zarrek, I great description on how the system could possibly work. When I had thought about it, I had broken the AH into 3 main components:

  1. Interactive Interface
  2. Delivery System
  3. Backend

With that break down, the buy/sell interface may have a table that only has the following schema:

Once a purchase is made through the interactive component 2 messages are put on a queue. First the BuyerID, ItemID, and Qty is set to the delivery system, which then mails the items to the buyer. Then the ItemID, QtyA, PriceX, ItemID, QtyB,PriceY,… so on is sent to the backend.

The backend then has the full schema as you described plus auctionID and AuctionLength (for expiration). This process then determines which actual auctions sold, determines the seller, updates the auctions table, and send messages to the Delivery System with Seller and price info for them to receive their proceeds from the sale.

Based on how I had broken it down, the Interactive interface may not have the attributes available to display the seller information. It can only indicate your auctions because that lookup was done separately for the “Auctions” tab of the interface.

Now to steer this back from a programming discussion to a discussion of the user experience of the auction house, neither method, mine nor Zarrek’s, leaves room to display seller information on the user interface in a way that the buyer can take action based on who the seller is. Doing so sacrifices the efficiency improvement that was a core design objective in this overhaul.


I agree completely. Additionally, I don’t think it’s necessary for the average buyer. I understand that some people blacklist certain sellers, and that’s something you can choose to do if you’re into that. If you want to buy from specific sellers moving forward, you’ll have to contact them directly and make a deal or something. The new AH changes are for how most people use the AH.

As a person who frequently buys 1000s of herbs from the AH, I don’t care who I purchase from. The new change to commodities will make my buying experience SO much easier/better, which was a major goal for the revamp.

(Kaivax) #235

To make testing easier on the PTR, the delay between the time of sale and when the proceeds are delivered is currently set to 5 minutes. During this 5 minutes, your sold auctions should appear in your Auctions tab at the top.

If this is not happening, it’s a bug. When Visions of N’Zoth is live, delivery of auction proceeds will have the usual delay of 60 minutes.

(Kaivax) #236

We think you can do this by using a combination of the “Uncollected Only” checkbox in the filter dropdown and the Armor/Weapon categories on the left.

(Kaivax) #237

Thank you for the feedback. We’re looking into changing this.

(Kaivax) #238

All versions of the same pet will be grouped in the same page. Since the auctions on that page will be mix of various levels, rarities, and stats, it’ll be up to the buyer to determine which pet they want to buy.

(Kaivax) #239

We haven’t been able to reproduce this error. Can you try again and see if it still does this for you?

Also, please try an exact search with quotes (example: “coarse leather”).

Thank you!

(Kaivax) #240

At this time, we’re continuing with the 48-hour max duration the WoW auction house has always had.

We don’t have wildcard functionality, but you can simply search for the first few words (example: Notorious Combatant’s Intuitive Staff) and it will return all items matching that.

Not at this time, but thank you for the suggestion.

The “Uncollected Only” filter will return all items that you don’t have the appearance for. As a result, you may see several items for the same appearance.

There is a “Usable Only” filter that will only show you recipes you can learn.

Not at this time, but thank you for the feedback.

Not at this time, but thank you for the suggestion.

(Kaivax) #241

Can you tell us more about this? Which pane do you see this on? Any info to reproduce this would be helpful.

Thanks! We’re aware of duration displays issues, and we’re working on that right now.

(Kaivax) #242

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback so far!

Here are some known issues that will be fixed in upcoming PTR builds:

  • Dressing Room support (CTRL click)
  • Linking to chat (Shift click)
  • Durations showing the wrong times


I don’t think its fair that people who post after you at the same price point sell first is there anyway you can rework this to either be random or items up the longest sell first.

With last in first sold I can see extreme undercutting becoming a thing or people being stuck on high pop servers where their stuff just never sells because so many people are posting items if they don’t start undercutting.


I know that this is too big of a feature to make it into this revamp, but I’m dissapointed that this doesn’t have Guild Wars 2’s “Purchase Order” feature,

If I go to the auction house and see that Monolite Ore is currently being sold at 25g each, I might decide that i’m not very happy with that price, and place a purchase order saying that I am willing to buy 200 Monolite ore for 20g each. I deposit 4000 gold with the Auction house, and whenever a Seller arrives to sell their ore at the Auction house, they have the option of either Trying to sell their ore at the current market price of 25g, or they could isntantly sell their ore by fulfilling my purchase order.

It is essentially a “reverse auction house”, and having both in the game makes the economy in Guild Wars 2 really, really healthy. The best part of this feature is being able to post a purchase order for items that currently have zero listings.

Imagine if I want a “Merciless Gladiators signet of the Feverflare”, because it has exactly the stats I want. I look at the AH, and see lots of signets, but none of the Feverflare. Being able to submit a purchase order for exaclty the item I want allows sellers to know exactly where the demand is.


That’s more along the lines of an order book (which is what I’ve been advocating for). It’d allow buyers to have a voice in the market and help with undercutting. I think most people that undercut want to “sell immediately” and buy orders will reduce “fire sale” pricing by simply selling to the highest buyer.

I, too, would like this feature. It’d work more like Steam Marketplace, GW2, NYSE, etc.

Thank you for acknowledging the feedback. I hope you’ll take the purchase/buy order concept to the developers.


Auctions at the same price point are sold last in, first out. As long as you match the current lowest price, yours will sell first.

So… how do you avoid getting screwed if people come in after you and continually match your price to the point where your first-in auctions never get a chance to sell in 48 hours? I mean it might be slim that this happens, but its not impossible that this could happen and your auctions time out…


You can reasonably expect that if supply exceeds demand from when you listed your items that your items will not sell.


Exactly… so how is that a good system? so you let it time out, then are forced to match the lowest and hope someone buys your stuff before anyone else posts over you again…


It’s no different than currently if you go to the AH and list something for sale, leave and get undercut, it (most likely, assuming rational AH users) won’t sell.

If buy orders were a possibly, you could choose to A) list your items on the AH and try to sell them or B) immediately sell them to the highest buy order but buy orders currently aren’t implemented.

The only way to implement it so you’re guaranteed to sell first would be A) demand greatly exceeds supply (which generally means prices go up until supply exceeds demand) or B) a FIFO system with a price floor in which you could sell at the price floor and no one would be able to undercut you because of the price floor.

Obviously, A is ideal (but creates other economic pressures) and I’d say B is too complicated for the average AH user.


I feel like this doesn’t really address the feedback - Ruffle wasn’t concerned with the time being shorter or longer on the PTR, but rather with keeping track of sold auctions. Unless you’re saying the auctions of an hour length that will be in live will appear at the top, it doesn’t really matter what the duration is for this question.

(Mcdeathpants) #251

One small thing is you can no longer view what a piece of armor or a weapon looks like on your character from the AH. As someone who looks for mog on the AH, that’d be a nice feature to get back.


A great addition would be the ability to add the gold value of everything you have up for sale on the auction house. For example if you have say 20 different auctions up for sale worth a total of 5,000 gold, that total would be shown on the bottom of the auction tab and be updated as you add more items for sale.