Feedback: Auction House Revamp

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In Visions of N’Zoth, we’re completely replacing the Auction House with a much-improved new Auction House system. Please read on for the changes coming to the Auction House, and then after you’ve tested it in the PTR, feel free to give us your feedback in this thread.


Commodities (stackable items) cannot be bid on, and are no longer bought or sold in stacks. Now, you’ll enter in the number of a commodity that you’d like to buy and the AH will automatically select the cheapest available and give you a total price.

Copper is no longer displayed in the auction house, but is used for calculations behind the scenes.


The sell interface now displays the current market for your item, so you can easily know what to set your asking price at. For weapons and armor that vary in item level, the AH now shows auctions of all the item levels for easy price comparison. Additionally, there’s no longer any need to undercut by small amounts. Auctions at the same price point are sold last in, first out. As long as you match the current lowest price, yours will sell first.

The Auctions tab now shows you where your listings currently stand in the market. Within each price point, you can see the sell priority of your lots among your competitors’ lots.


The AH search function has learned some new tricks:

  • You can now search “Uncollected Only” to find items that have a collection UI associated with them:
    • Weapon/armor appearances
    • Mounts
    • Battle Pets
    • Toys
    • Recipes
  • You can now use advanced search operators, including exact match ( “iron ore“ ), exclusion ( -iron ), and OR ( iron | truesilver ).
  • There is now an “Upgrades Only” search, which finds upgrades for your class and active specialization. This is based on item level and number of sockets.
    • For casters, two-handed weapons are compared to one-handed weapons and off-hands by using the weighted average item level of the one-handed setup.

Playing Favorites

Your favorites list now appears immediately when you open the auction house and when you press the Favorites button. Favorites are saved separately for each character.

Work in Progress

We have a few areas where we’re still working on implementation issues. These are coming soon in a future build of the Visions of N’Zoth PTR:

  • Auction house mail for sold, expired, and won auctions are consolidated to a single mail if they are of the same item and price.
  • Currently in the PTR, favorites are shared among all characters and will reset when you exit the game.
  • Localization work is underway, and currently, searching only works in English.

Thank you very much for testing with us on the PTR!

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Will mobile AH be making a comeback with the revamp?

(Charity) #4

Heh, reserving judgement but “current market” may be an issue for a number of reasons.


You need to be able to see the stats on gear.

People want to see those secondary stats.

For the record - I tried it on a 120 character and it makes no difference, you still can’t see the stats. Low level characters need to see this as well anyway.

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I… Don’t think this is going to stop people from undercutting XD

On a serious bit of feedback, if you want to prompt people of anything then at least prompt them when they post an Auction at less than Vendor Price. As of right now, posting an item for less than what you can sell it to the vendor for does not give a warning of any kind but undercutting in general does.

I think, to better help players who may not be so keen on this kind of stuff it would be nice to prompt when a player is about to post something for less than what it sells to a vendor for. I think that would be very helpful to have in the AH for people who are not as adept with using the AH.

I agree here, this is kinda important.

(Derscha) #8

I gotta be honest: I was really hoping to see an option to put in buy orders for people to fill if there’s something you need not listed.

Not sure how I’m going to stand on the “last in, first out” but I guess that’s to help stop the undercutting. Maybe not that much different in practice from having others come in and undercut me by that one measly copper, but still feels bad to know that I could’ve been the first to list at the lowest price point but may never sell just because of timing. At least under cutters are currently taking an admittedly tiny loss to get priority.

Do very much like having the option to narrow down search parameters and save favorites, and I see some of my other favorite add-on features being implemented.


I am by no means a casual Auction House user. I’ve acquired over 50 million gold in the last year. I am happy that you guys and gals at Blizzard want to revamp the AH, but after interacting with what is currently on the PTR I’m sad that this is the approach that is being taken.

I want to start with what I like about the new AH, and that is the look. It overall looks and feels modern, way better than what is currently in retail WoW. It feels closer to a nice AH addon, something a majority of people who are even slightly serious about buying/selling use. I am happy with and enjoy the non-consumable/non-stackable changes coming. Like the upgrades only and advanced search options.

Now lets get into the things that need to be tuned up:

There’s no need to Undercut! Auctions posted later (at the same price) are sold first.

This is a prompt you get when you try to sell something for 1s less than what is currently on the AH. There are 2 things wrong with this prompt.

1.) Auctions made later are sold first.
This does not make sense for anyone who is serious about selling items. If I set the price of an item to 5g, mine should be the first one that is sold at 5g, not someone who got in line behind me and posted a day later than me. I put my item up first, why would mine not be sold ahead of theirs? This requires you to constantly repost your items to ensure you’re cutting your way to the front of the line.

2.) This doesn’t disincentivize undercutting
In theory this little tooltip might help people maintain higher prices, but it won’t.
People who undercut by a large margin do it because they think items will sell “faster”. A vast majority of the time they don’t, and they do this so they can make a small and quick profit and get out, all while ruining markets for others who keep margins high and consistent. Look at potion markets on many servers. Unbridled Fury potions go from 120g/ea -> 90g/ea -> 60g/ea all within a few auctions, and it continuously crashes the market. This little prompt won’t change peoples minds on posting at those much lower prices. The stack changes also make it so you can’t price around people who harm markets.

Commodities (stackable items) cannot be bid on, and are no longer bought or sold in stacks.

This is great for casual players to buy what they need on the AH seamlessly. However, this is horrible for anyone who is even remotely serious about selling items. If I want to post flasks, for example, I will post them in stacks of 1, 5, 10, 20. Stacks of 1 for the cheapest (say 400g/ea), and stacks of 20 for say 550g/ea. That way it is up to the consumer if they want 1 singular flask or 20 flasks, and often times I sell a good mixture of both because different people want different amounts. Sometimes single stacks cost more than stacks of 20 as well, all depends on server and time of day. There is no reason to price your stacks smartly anymore, because stacks will no longer exist. If I’m buying a bag of rice from the store, I can’t buy 6 pounds of the 10 pound bag, i have to buy the 10 pound bag or the 5 pound bag. This will encourage people to continually make sure they’re the cheapest (and they’ll constantly undercut like i outlined above). This coupled with the latest posted auctions selling first means i’m posting all my flasks at bottom barrel pricing, rather than smartly placing my flasks based on how many people want. Stack sizes matter to help maintain a healthy economy. This is not limited to potions and flasks, it is universal for all stackable goods on the AH.

These changes essentially remove a lot of the complexity and fun for people in the goldmaking community, while making things easier for the casual player-base. It incentivizes players to always be the latest and cheapest item, regardless of maintaining the same price or not. We cannot post a specific stack size for any more than what we want, because that option doesn’t exist anymore.


All this is going to do it encourage people to be posting multiple times a day in smaller chunks and prevent people from selecting to buy from certain sellers only. I would rather pay a bit more to buy from some people and since I can’t see sellers I have to buy from whoever.

(Byucknah) #11

Which I am pretty sure is exactly who is being targeted here. While its cool there is a very niche community that loves doing nothing but playing the in game economy I think that Blizzard are probably making these changes for people who don’t play the AH. They are most likely making them for the average player with the expectation that those who play the system, the hard core goblins, work around the new system.

I do agree that it is weird that people who post later get their stuff sold first as it does not really solve the problem it seems to set out to fix in the first place but if it didn’t work like that then we would be right back to undercutting to get things sold first.

It honestly seems like neither is a win-win situation, but at least built like this it might detract people from undercutting wars slightly and instead change the game to re-listing wars instead.


So currently there is no way to preview gear in the Auction House with the dressing room. For people looking for transmog this is kind of a big issue.


I am not sure walls can’t still be created in this system either. I wasn’t bored enough to do 200 but …

You might actually want to rethink your system because I am pretty sure a macro can be made if not an addon to be creating listings of singles in a 200 range on some items which will create worse problems for buyers than what currently exists because with this new improved system there is no way to bypass that.

It actually isn’t the problem I thought it was after I played around with this more unless you actually want to see what the others are priced at and hopefully an addon will take care of that. I guess gone are the days you get to buy from who you want on there though.

You can just key in whatever number you want and the system will select that number from the listings posted at the lowest price.


It’s unfortunate that people who take the auction house seriously are being targeted. The interesting thing about this is that the current system benefits both types of players. Both casual and gold-making focused players can post at prices they want with stack sizes they want. This only really dampens a lot of the more hardcore goblins like you said. Unfortunately it will hurt one big avenue to make gold, which is already more difficult to do in BfA than Legion. I would love for goblins to learn how to work around the system, but unfortunately i don’t see how that can happen with the removal of stack sizes and the ability to buy portions of auctions.

This new method won’t stop people from undercutting anyway, because they have the mindset of “the cheaper it is, the faster it sells”, which isn’t true. Things sell because someone goes to the AH and buys what they need then leaves. They aren’t sitting in it for 20 minutes watching prices fall.

(Zenetta) #15

That just means if your auctions get buried before they sell you’re going to cancel and re-post and undercut.

edit: Suggestion: instead of FIFO or LIFO, randomly select auctions from the pot to fulfill the order so people are more likely to actually want to not only match the going price, but stick with it and not cancel and re-post if they get buried.

Also wish the AH was getting buy orders. Those are great in games that have them.


Not all games. I am playing a game that has those on the same ah as the sellers and it is so confusing.

and people will just undercut - this doesn’t fix anything.

(Beaupeep) #17

This is a bad analogy, because you don’t do this with other items.

If I want 6 oranges, sure, they sell them in bags, but they also sell them in a giant pile, out of which, I can select 6. I only need 6 oranges. Why would I buy a bag of 12 when I can buy 6, and only need 6?

I’m ok with this part of the changes. I don’t want to buy 50 ore when all I need is 10. Put them in a pile, let me buy my 10 and be done with it.

(Zenetta) #18

I liked the interface for them in Guild Wars 2.

Maybe, but I think it would do more than the current shift to LIFO. With LIFO you’re just driving people who get their auctions buried to cancel and re-post at a lower price. If it was just randomly fulfilling orders from a stack you’d be less inclined to do that.

New posts might still undercut to try to get faster sales. Perhaps in addition to random selection instead of FIFO or LIFO, you don’t let new auctions undercut by copper and have a % cap on how much lower they can post. That way if they want to post lower they have to consider the loss in value more and may then be more inclined to just post with a larger stack at a higher price.

edit: you’d probably have to do it as a round-robin that was account specific to avoid excessive abuse of people posting the same items from multiple characters if you did a system other than FIFO or LIFO.

(Fenlorian) #19

I like the look of the auction house so far.

I have noticed though that you can no longer preview a piece of gear on your character in the dressing room before you buy it. Am I missing something or is that something that will be worked on, or is it going away and I’ll have to tab out to WoWHead to see what a piece of gear looks like?


There is nothing wrong with the Last in First Out - that is what basically happens 99% of the time in the current auction house, people just have to undercut a copper to do that.

Also you can’t undercut by a copper now with what they have on the PTR. Your ‘fixes’ are worse than what blizzard set up.

(Zenetta) #21

The problem is they claim that it’s trying to solve a problem that it does not actually solve.

They’re clearly indicating that they want to stop people from undercutting by small amounts.

This system will not do that as you just acknowledged, which means the system will not accomplish what they intend for it to accomplish.

You can undercut by trivial amounts. If you add a restriction to prevent that, then you no longer can, which is what they appear to want to accomplish in the first place.


I think the new AH is almost perfect, it does everything we players need it to do and more. The upgrade feature is by far the best feature added, no longer do we need to sort through hundreds of items to find one better than our current one. So, that’s good.

All around, good job.