Feedback: Abyssal Commander Sivara


Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

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PUG group, about 25 or so players total. Fight seemed alright, although sometimes the behavior of the marks seemed to be buggy. Looks to be an above-average opening raid boss.


9/9M group with a couple of DPS pugs, ranging from 16-20 players. The fight seems mostly fine, however the damage from mixing marks (especially if someone is slow to get into position at the start of the encounter) seems very high and punishing. Not sure if that was intended or not, if so, then that makes the 1st boss a large step up from previous first bosses.

Everything else seemed to do a healthy amount of damage. I wasn’t sure if it was just me or not, but when she sends out toxic/frost bolts (Overwhelming Barrage) every so often, I wasn’t sure if these were even doing any damage at all, or if I was just perfectly avoiding them.


Pug Group ~20. Half on discord.

Logs: reports/3DJjGt4xHv8qaYXF

The fight was fine, the damage from the marks is punishing as noted above. The entire raid knock back seems like a lot since it’s defined more as frontal cone. The tool tip also recommends stacking for the tanks (I read it as tanks stack on top of each other) which is counter to the mark debuff.

Much more punishing boss than the first boss in BoD, which is a good thing.


Half pug group, all Mythic raiders, 15~20 peopple.

Mixture overtunned, I think its normal for ptr testing, but seems mechanicly harder than any other first boss that I remember, and thge knock back is too Strong, Reading the jornal I think there’s a way to reduce its potency. Another heavily melee unfriendly fight, and the tooltipes for the debuffs and mixture’s are nuclear.

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Just as a general statement, I know first bosses are supposed to be easy, but please don’t make them a joke like mythic champions of light.

Something like Garothi or Skorpyron imo.

And not like Goroth in Tomb. That fight was arguably harder than the next 2. 1st bosses should be clearly the easiest but also not a joke. Most are tuned correctly, just please no more champions.


I disagree with Niingdorei. Champions is a fine first boss. I love the zerg strat on it and I think Garothi is a terrible example of a first boss. Reclear in any of my guilds was a pain on him. I think first bosses should turn into gimmes with gear. I still do champions every so often with friends who 5 heal which really helps that fight shine because you have to follow it’s mechanics at that point. My main group 2 heals it which is a blast and definitely requires healers on the ball.

That said this feels like a 6/8 or maybe even 7/8 boss. You designed the mechanics horribly for a first boss and the numbers are punishing for mixing and I don’t see how the design team can salvage this boss. It’s just not first boss design, period dot. That doesn’t mean you guys failed, it just means you guys designed what could be a frustrating gear/skill wall for the end of a raid tier. This boss feels like an Aggramar, especially compared to other testing.

That said, the idea for this boss is cool, especially the spear, positioning, and knockback mechanics. I think people will eventually get creative in how they position in this room over time. You want the boss near a wall for the tank’s knockback and some people thought u could intercept the spears and maybe you can. I think the better play is to have the spears move to the center of the room and just have people assigned to break them out asap. I think the pattern is poison spear, 3 seconds, frost spear? You’d have a poison person ready but not untop of the frost person who gets the poison spear, then clicks them, then they both take off, let the frost spear land, and then have a frost person ready to get the frost spear out.

The damage for mixing is extremely unforgiving and you’ll have to nerf it into the ground for live. If your goal is to prevent people from pugging this like Taloc or Champions, that is a huge mistake, don’t. Pugging the first mythic bosses is a healthy part of keeping raiding fresh and not the kind of brick wall needed. I remember in Legion the last raid had a stupidly involved first mythic boss and I think that did a huge disservice to the community, ignoring the fact when you eventually farmed out full gear the dps check became a joke. Any guild that didn’t run splits the first week simply didn’t kill the first mythic boss. Huge let down.