Feedback: 50-60 leveling, the story in order

I just completed my first time leveling from 50-60, completing the story in order from the start in Org to Chapter 3 in Revendreth where I hit 60. I created a Darkspear Troll and leveled as Feral.

I’m not going to touch upon the dozens of little bugs I encountered. since I filed those already. Instead this post is just general feedback of my experience.

Overall, it took me 26 hours (give or take) and as I said, I hit 60 just as I finished Chapter 2 of Revendreth. For the most part I completed all side quests I could find. I didn’t do any dungeons at all.

Overall, my feedback is that the experience is just okay, the story isn’t very engaging (and I read every quest box) and everything is really just run-of-the-mill stuff. It’s the same kind of quests and experience we’ve have in most expansions except WoD and Legion. I was hoping for more but it seems everything interesting is currently tied strictly to the end-game. Unlike Legion where you were consistently rewarded with something interesting every few levels via your Class Hall, Shadowlands is a pretty hollow and unrewarding leveling experience.

Some things I hope are changed: honestly getting 2 zone abilities each new zone doesn’t give us any real idea of what our Covenant is going to be like for us. I suggest introducing Soulbinds and Conduits as part of the leveling experience. Just have us pick someone and then when we finalize our decision at 60 say that it will break any previous binds we have. There is just little to no reward for leveling. even the class spells we get are passives.

The story really needs to be punched up, Ardenweald and Revendreth end on pretty big moments, but Bastion and Maldraxxus are very meh.

Maldraxxus: this zone, to me, is just awful and brings the whole experience down. It feels like the Devs just slid a scale slider and decided everything in the zone would by 100 times larger than necessary, seriously, there is no reason for the scale of every building, every quest area to be so large, yet so empty and dull. It’s like Eastern Plaguelands was hit by a gnomish World Enlarger.

I know typically towards the end of Beta we will see XP rewards lowered so that we hit 60 closer to the end, but making it longer, if it is not made more engaging will actually be a bad thing. I really am hoping for more.

I have to agree but I have a feeling a lot of what would have ended Bastion and Maldraxxus on better notes is behind the whole “choose your covenant” thing at 60. Like we find out more on what’s going on w/ those zones.

Bastion felt really short in storyline to me and no real explanation on what’s going on other than a fight w/ another covenant. Then there was the evil Kyrian’s and such. I haven’t tested out Bastion as a covenant yet so I could be wrong, but I got the feeling more would be explained if you choose them.

As far as Maldraxxus, it kinda felt like I was missing something in the storyline. Like the Primus was gone but no explanation as to what happened to him unless I missed it and I got the impression it would be one of the factions there but no real “this is what happened” quest line. I assumed my character was sorta taking over as Primus but that didn’t feel right. It should have been an NPC. So I’m assuming that is also handled if you choose their covenant.