Feed back on outlaw

I dont much care for RtB. perhaps it has a pirate theme bc we are always fishing for buffs…

anyway. idc about the theme it has no impact other than spell names. I really like the hit and run aspect of outlaw. I even feel like a ninja or burglar with my grappling hook. its quite fun imo, other than RtB that is.

I agree with this in that taking out Combat made no sense. The spec was a great catch-all for all types of sword-wielding Rogues. The dev blog for Outlaw’s introduction made no sense since it claimed “Isn’t every spec combat?” No Blizz, no they aren’t, in particular Sin and Subtlety who are both meant to kill their enemies before they can react or notice them and not enter into actual combat with them. Of course now years later we get an admission that focusing on specs over classes was a bad idea.

They should really make SnD baseline just like RtB but I don’t know if they can be bother to balance it. SnD + Alacrity is a strong combo and the consistency it offers would be hard to pass up for a lot of Rogues. Shadowlands’ launch would definitely be the time to balance all that though. It just depends if they’re actually willing to do it.


IMO, ever since they added Monks and DHs to the game they had to take away from what rogues could do and always have done. The moronic dev who even thought RtB was a wonderful or amazing idea was and is a complete moron. He could be the nicest guy in the world but he’s a tool to think this was such a marvelous idea to implement.

What they should have done is make the buffs you get from RtB into random RNG procs with SnD and/or Alacrity are up and running. There’s no reason why you have to fish for buffs. It’s the only melee class spec in game where you have to do this Yahtzee crap.


Classic is over here, my Good sir.


There are a lot of solutions to this but, they think that rogues are fine due to the meta.

I play classic as well, love it. But i am a slow poke at leveling. And i am fully invested in my char over there due to the fact there hasn’t been confirmation that there will be a BC xpac redo.

Everything just seems to boil down to balancing issues with certain abilities/talents/etc. here, since I’m still not seeing the main issue with any themed abilties here aside from personal preference.

And if that’s the case, instead of asking for things to be changed to how you prefer them. Why not just start being more loud about wanting glyphs to change things to how you prefer them to be?

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I hate it because my favorite spec was removed from the game for it.

Pirates are… well… corny and childish.


Alright let’s talk is it the name of some of the skills like the “drink up me hearties” pvp talent, or skills like roll the bones that make you feel this way?

Because personally I feel like it just comes down to perspective at the end of the time. If we’re talking about combat rogues being more brutish and in your face compared to their brothers and sister from other specs, I can for example totally see a brutish rogue just whipping out a pistol to shoot someone dead int their tracks. It’s not quiet or subtle, but still aids in the rogues overall theme of being a surprise move.

Again I support glyphs more then anything.

For me, it’s just roll the bones and the pistols that kill it for me. If I spec slice and dice without it being a huge loss and glyph the pistols away, I would be happy. I just don’t like pirate things or pistols in a fantasy game.

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Forgive me a bit, since I do have to question the gun bit since guns have been a thing since the start of WoW for hunters at the very least. But to each their own, I can’t dictate what people like.

Anyway yeah I hope slice and dice gets changed up to be a competitive choice for outlaw rogues sooner or later.


I guess they didn’t bother me, since I didn’t play hunter. I was always combat and I’ve been a little bitter since it was changed.

Roll the Bones doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that I can regularly roll True Bearing three times in a row, and on two occasions I have rolled it five times in a row. Five times. I can’t even imagine the odds of that happening just once, let alone twice. The dice have to be weighted to favor True Bearing. At this point I can’t help myself, if I roll it twice in a row, I am compelled to keep rolling until the streak is broken.

Roll the bones should be a proc when you get 5 combo points so you get the benefits but don’t have to spend anything on it

give snd a buff cause when you take snd you lose alacrity and rtb buffs that would fix the issues i think at least

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Not really snd is sooooo bad that its actually a dps loss to take it over leaving the row blank. Shocking but true RTB which is baseline is better at its worst than snd.

The problem with RTB really isn’t the rng as much as it was in legion . If you made loaded dice baseline it would improve the start of a dps in terms of feel and make it look better during progression. One of the toughest thing about outlaw is you don’t have a real dps cd since AR hardly qualifies as it is part of your rotation to keep things moving. Curse of the dreadblades would have made things good but it was removed and with it outlaws only real on demand Burst cd.

We really just need curse and loaded dice back as baseline. And the spec would be awesome.

Personally I love the play of outlaw. I think it’s one of the most fun specs I’ve played in a long time even if it can be infuriating at times. Would be nice to have some sort of bad luck protection but I guess it’s kind of what you sign up for with the spec.

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SND needs to be buffed.

Loaded Dice needed to be baseline but Blizz is stubborn about making “interesting choices”. Being gimped or less gimped is not an interesting choice.

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Either SnD or RtB need to be removed. I’m a fan of RtB for the variance but if we keep it, it needs to be tweaked. Loaded Dice really should be baseline. Build the class around AR/CD reduction passive so we have some consistency. More rolls = more AR, more AR = more LD. IF it’s possible, some bad luck protection would be nice so we don’t end up with TB 5 times in a row.

That, or tweak TB to not be so terrible as well.

Leaving SnD in with RtB but only as a terrible option just creates more divide for the class, causes new players confusion, and is wasting a spot on the tree for something interesting, not just a lame version of grand melee.

Loaded Dice turns AR into a cool down worth using again as it gives you choice. Blizz indeed made a mistake by not making Loaded Dice baseline.

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Absolutely. It felt like a huge improvement as a set piece. If you timed it right, had enough haste, and it all lined up you could sometimes go from LD to LD. Sure you could get a bad two buff, but statistically the combination of any two buffs is fairly even compared to JUST TB vs Crit. And man did it feel great popping AR with Crit and CD reduction. All the BtE’s with blunderbuss procs.

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