Feature for Gnomaphobia

Gnomes gross me out. Can we have an option to change their appearance into Koala bears or something. This is serious.

Elves were a big mistake.


every tier, we do a guild awards kind of thing. basically looking back at the tier and saying “x used the most pots” or “y dodged the most ability” just little stuff we can find in logs.

I keep all the awards positive. but my favorite one one of my awards goes to the healer who had the least amount of healing done to gnomes.

I’m with OP. down wtih gnomes /points down

You ever see a drop bear m8? You haven’t because it’ll be the last thing you ever see

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Can we change Blood elfs into Trashcans? while we are at it, i am afraid of their massive inflated egos and their looks make me sick.

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Said no one, ever.

When do we get the option to censor all elves for gameplay enjoyment?

Beat me to it.


Goblinaphobia - goblins weird me out more. Be able to turn them into goblets on the table in my cottage from the player housing I don’t have…yet

Glyph of Main Character Syndrome- turns all other players into stick figures with no discernable features at all.

I’m interested see that funny experiment. :microscope::robot:

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I agree, playable Ogres now!

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