Fear spell, no diminishing returns


Im sure there was fear DR in vanilla, but it doesnt seem like this works in classic. I watched a 34 lock attack a 35 elite in alterac mountains and solo’d it easily without even using a void walker. They litteraly just dot dot 15 sec fear, dot dot 15 sec fear, dot dot 15 sec fear, rinse and repeat…
Everything else that makes you lose control of your character has DR except fear it seems. Repeated stuns will make you stun immune, sheeping works for up to 30 sec then starts its DR, even mind control has a DR. Everything but fear, you can just soam it back to back for as long as you want for some reason.

Can a lock/priest/warrior comment and see if this is accurate; from the people I’ve talked to in game it seems lije they’re agree that fear seems broken without DR. I believe it would be good to test this and nip it in the bud before bgs come out and its just a fear fest to win.

Edit. - i do notice this in pvp and pve scenarios, not just one or the other


I believe the diminishing returns for Fear and other CC abilities was only for PvP.


I noticed its the same for pvp as well, chain fearing seems to be a thing - ill edit to say that thanks


Probably has to do with the DR timer running out, don’t know how long it takes but it can run out. this is how a naked rogue with a starting dagger can kill a fully geared character, because they can wait out the Blind DR timer.


This. Part of stun locking was having the patience to time your moves with the dr.


Luvs my nice big steaming pile of fear. Succy seduce aint to shabby either followed by a gigantic 6 second cast ball of fire. You think that’s bad wait til you get sheeped/pyroed/pom pyroed.


Nope. CC DRs were added early in BC because arena. There were some hard CCs that DR but there’s a reason why the strongest PvP CC in Vanilla was Fear and not Polymorph.


DR was in 1.12. It was buffed in BC. Also affects PvE.

I’ve DR’d both mobs and players to the point of “IMMUNE” back in Vanilla. I also remember when fear lasted 15 years and not 15 seconds and didn’t break.

Google for you, my friend. I’m sure you’ll find the patch it came in.


I was playing a druid and after a couple warlock duels I never dueled them again. Feared for like 30 second while he just dot and wand to death. Fun


should sheep not be first as it heals?


Stopped on 2nd sentence. You’re talking about mobs. CC limitations are only for players.


Sap, Sheep, and Entangling Roots last just as long too.


It’s so weird they worked hard to ensure Fear/Poly was accurate, but retroactively put a DR on Hunter Scatter/Trap…