Fear damage break

Why does fear break on damage but stuns do not?

Because fear is spammable and stuns are not


Because they are balanced with different things in mind.

Because Fears can break on damage you will you will notice that they usually have a longer duration than most stuns, or a shorter cooldownor in the case of our fear, no cooldown at all].

Meanwhile Stuns have shorter durations, longer cooldowns, most stuns are also single target.

One Exemple is https://www.wowhead.com/spell=30283/shadowfury with talent vs https://www.wowhead.com/spell=5484/howl-of-terror .

Both are hard crowd control spells, both are AOE, but one have a 3s duration while the other is 20s.

Even if we bring heavy hitters like Paladin’s Hammer of Jusitce who is a 6s stun it’s still on a 1min Cooldown and purely single target,

Yes but one of our specs (affliction) is based around doing damage to everyone, but it’s also really squishy so it needs to peel using fear, but playing affliction correctly breaks fear.

Affliction also has other methods of peeling like coil, but that has a long cd. We also have shadowfury which is the only stun with a cast time in the entire game. I don’t get blizzards logic in making a hard hitting spec like destro more tanky than affliction who is built on melting their opponents.

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It’s also an AOE stun, i don’t know many of those in the game.

As for PvP, i tend to avoid talking about PvP as i don’t play it, just watch it, and i mostly watch Demo Arenas so i also have no idea about Affliction, maybe watch some Maldiva to see how he rolls with his Affliction.

But one thing i can say setuped Death Bolt hits harder than any chaos bolt.

Fear used to be unbreakable by damage in vanila. Then little by little, they made so it breaks with even minimal damage. Only way to use it effectively in pvp is if you cast it purely as crowd control, on players that are not taking any damage at that moment.

Are you sure? because even on wowhead classic https://classic.wowhead.com/spell=5782/fear#changelog the spell have the text that it can break from damage.

And on wow wiki page https://wowwiki-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Fear it says that even on 1.2.0 it just had this chance to break increased.

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In the early days of vanilla wow fear didn’t break on damage, but it used to make the feared person run really fast and have weird pathing

Which is impossible as affliction. In arena your fear target constantly changes, playing affliction correctly breaks fear, and you’re already a squishy class so there is no way to survive things like monks/rogues/warriors

i’m gonna assume with this type of complaint that ur smart enough to be running the fear threshold finesse conduit, so maybe yours is just low item level

in which case agony + corruption + UA while sacced and a 200-213 ilvl ‘shade of terror’ it takes about 3-4 sec for a full fear to break to pure rot

if you only UA to cover your fear it’ll sit in full, if you’re deliberately draining/bolting into fear it’s going to break in a global

balanced IMO

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You can cast fear back to back in some cases and fear creates a gap, when stun does not.