FDK LF Mythic Guild


Can’t delete the post but have had many offers, will be making a decision shortly thanks for all of the quick responses


Guild Name: The Night Show
Realm: Zul’jin
Faction: Horde
Bnet: Dream#13396 - Funnyb0nez#2530 - blueboy1000#1919 - solarie#1712
Discord: Dream#6696 - Eezy#5273 - Vinia#9560 - Kaleri#4716
Current Progression: 7/9M BoD
Raid Days/Times: Tue/Sun/Mon 10p-1a PST / 1a-4a EST
The Night Show is a late-night guild focused on progression raiding. We currently going to raiding Tues/Sun/Mon to ensure we get CE and push for top US 250-500 rankings. The guild is ran by CE and US top 10 players.

Recruitment open to all classes and specs for TEP, currently seeking DPS for the remainder of the tier.

Tank-Low Priority
Resto Shaman- high priority
Paladin Healer- high priority
DPS- High priority for all classes


Hey man i wont flood you with a copy pasta recruitment thing ill just give you the details.

Insurgency on Bladefist-US 9/9M tuesday wednesday thursday 10pm-1am Central. 10 years of cutting edge raiding.

Currently going into Eternal Palace with zero DKs tank or dps would love to add one to the roster if interested and the times work lets talk.

Raw#1926 Btag