We are currently seeking more active and social members. Listed below are a few things we are looking for in a guildie.

  • Mature mindset

  • No Elitist mentality

  • Willingness to be social. Example participating in guild chat and joining discord.

  • Adaptive and able to listen to directions.

If these suit you please post here or message any of our members for an invite. :slight_smile:


good guys, just thought you guys should know. :slight_smile: make sure to check them out if your on Anathema.

Yea,I did check this guild out and here is my personal review and experience. Multiple people were kicked out for very minor offenses that should have just been issued a warning instead. The guild leader should honestly resign because he is straight up being carried guild wise by an officer in the guild. The guild leader is NOT fit for the position. So much so that he got kicked out of the guild master discord. Be aware of this before you join this guild.

This is not an attack this is simply information that I feel people should know before joining what you do with it is up to you.

Really from a level 65 retail. Is it that hard for 120? We get it y’all are salty and have to post from retail accounts but guess what that is still a form of on-going harassment. :wink: Enjoy another ban from the forums.

Always trying to bring up that GM discord lol or lack of leadership it is. That place is just a place where people flaunt their Ego’s and flame the community of Anathema. Any GM in there should feel ashamed. Got some pic proof of what I am talking about as usual if anyone needs it. :slight_smile:

I wonder why NO LEADER from BASIC, TEMPLAR, or FRIENDS is there. But anyone who asks who is top 3 guilds definitely isn’t putting Anathema, Cursed, or Leviathan on their list. Get real.

I guess it’s a good thing I am not part of any of those guilds or have contacted you before then, I also don’t have fear of a forum ban anyways. Your desire to be extremely inflammatory and toxic to anyone that criticizes you or your guild proves my point. Have a nice day.


That is why you have to hide behind a lvl 65 retail account. Tsk Tsk

Sorry I kicked y’all for either being a ninja looter or supporting them by saying it doesn’t matter. Our guild doesn’t support ninja looters and as stated in the OP must have a Mature mindset which seems to be lacking.

Atleast I am not like other GM’s in that great GM Discord people keep mentioning who list like 40 names of people they kick for every little reason lol

So then it seems you should kick yourself out of your guild? There are different incidents than the ninja looting incidents as well. That are very minor incidents mind you.

However you are correct, that some of the guilds you mentioned are just as immature.

Says someone hiding behind a retail account. Sorry you got kicked like I told you hope you find a guild that you fit in. You messed up when you chose to side with ninja looting. I get it though we are an awesome guild but we are trying stay that way :slight_smile:

Like I said there have been different incidents, I was not in defense of ninja looting and there are many others whom have been kicked for very minor incidents as well. I harbor no spite towards you or anyone part of your guild though. I’ll just move on. I took this as my chance to be able to warn people of what can happen sometimes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Name some?

Heck. I will Gquit right now if you can.

Most of the people don’t wish to be named, simply because they have moved on. They found a guild they enjoy and don’t care to return or be a part of the drama that you and a few of the other guilds have so much for some odd reason. Plus I’m not sure about the name and shame rules on here.

However if I see you in game I will gladly discuss this with you on my actual account civily and name some :slight_smile:

I could care less if you gquit, like I said I don’t care. Plus there are some who may actually enjoy being in your guild and destroying the entire guild because of a immature grudge would be quite the dumb thing to do. But like I said I will discuss it with you in game most likely at some point :slight_smile:

LOL. you are so full of yourself if I kicked them for no reason they would come out the woodworks to see me Gquit. Sorry I probably have you on ignore, Gnomore.

I can list atleast 10 people who the other GMs have shamed in the GM discord with a Screenshot as proof.

Plus I use GRM Addon and have a log of all the happenings in our guild to prove myself. All you have is lies and slander. Might want to up your game.

You don’t have me on ignore :slightly_smiling_face: Are you certain so many people want you gkicked that much? Seems there is just a vocal minority of people from certain guilds that hates you.

That is a discord not a forum plus like I said I’m not sure of the rules there.

I’m sorry you think it is lies and slander, but there are plenty with screenshots of their incidents of forementioned people who were gkicked. Like I said I’ll discuss it with you in game somewhere I know I won’t get banned for listing people off or sending screenshots ect.

Sure bud anytime. (wdqd72X) I made you a discord to post your proof against mine :slight_smile:

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Ok :grinning: I shall be chatting with you later today then

uh huh. We shall see :slight_smile:

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Deztroth out here doing what he does best.

Keep on the grind brother :facepunch::facepunch: