Faster Legendary Cloak Upgrades

Wait a minute, this is even worse than I originally thought. Not only do I have to spend 2000 echoes to get a core, but I can only get 2 a week? And if I buy them, I don’t get any from running visions/N’zoth??? Are you kidding me?

Why in the world would I spend 2k echoes for a core, when I could run a vision and get a core AND 750 echoes?

This would already be a huge middle finger from Blizz if we could buy unlimited cores (up to the current max resistance) for 2k echoes a pop, but this is just absolutely sadistic.

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It’s for the ones who can’t do normal N’Zoth

Don’t see the problem there

His post is the one that got the Blizzard response in it and then the hotfix post right after. Weird. :man_shrugging:

You can earn 12k+ echos per week, just by doing the weekly and daily caps.

Do all your visions, both BGs once a day, LFR, a Herioc, a Single 15 key, Cap Conquest.

Thats about 13.5k total.

Run More Mythics, More BGs, more Arena, and get more.

Gives alot of folks to do content they normally wouldnt, and content to grind so your not bored logging off after 2 hours a day. I am fine with it.

Yet they implemented a solution that was word for word already stated, the 2k number and everything in another post, today in fact.

It does seem that the theory of him clout chasing was correct, with the things he is saying now.

I’ve edited the original post for clarity.

This will be repeatable, up to the current maximum Resistance that the cloak allows.


Yes I understand that, my concern is not getting the echoes, it’s being limited on spending them. The phrasing of the post makes it sound like regardless of what you do (visions, nzoth, echoes), you can still only ever get 2 cores per week. That’s the issue.

This is fantastic. Thank you!


Thank you very much sir for listening to the majority of your player base. Faith restored. :pray:


IK it did, he just clarified thats not the case.

I agree echos wasnt the best approach, but it will do.

Perfect clarification to original post. Yay.

If it’s 750 echoes per vision run, then it’s about 3 runs per core. Not quite as good as 1 core per run, but it’s at least something people can grind out.

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Awesome news!!

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Is that 750 echoes per run (regardless of whether it’s 0 or 5 mask)?

Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever really payed attention to the amount of echoes I gain when opening my vision chests. Someone above mentioned 750/run. Perhaps someone else knows?

The wowhead article on it just states 250 for the main boss, and 125 for side zones, which makes it seem independent on number of masks.

Only increase from Masks is mementos. Echoes aren’t affected.

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You get 750 echoes from a full clear (all objectives) and it does not matter if you 0 mask or 5 mask

I’ll just do 5 mask clears for the mementos then. Need to farm those sockets. Thanks for clarifying.

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With this change, they should’ve also changed visions to give an extra 250 echoes per mask. That way a 5 mask run = 2000 echoes. It makes no sense that masked runs increase mementos but not echoes.

Better yet, the additional cores should’ve remained drops from any fully completed vision where a 1-3 masks were used. Having to spend echoes on yet another thing is not ideal.

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eh, now i have to choose between corruptions or my cloak on my main. now i have to choose between essences, corruptions, or cloak on my alts. no thanks. still not doing it on my alts. thanks for trying i guess?


Unfortunately people like you won’t be happy no matter the system that is in place it seems. The fact that Blizzard responded to my 5k view post, and is now implementing a hot fix that allows someone with echoes a chance to upgrade their cloak to cap by this week, should be enough of a win. I am happy that they listened to us, and now gave us another outlet to no longer be behind. Of course there still has to be some kind of time gate (has to be, it is part of their current business model) and with echoes, you are now no longer forced to raid for a core and you can play the end game whatever way you want to, rather it be PvE or PvP to farm the echoes needed.