Famous Necrolord Characters Discuss Their Lives on Azeroth (Spoilers)

Does the common orc know she’s Thrall’s mother?

There are an infinite amount of afterlives. There can be an orc afterlife, or an afterlife that appeals to orc culture.

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Well to be honest it feels like they were throwing out Uther, a major lore figure for the Alliance.

Then you had Cenarius, a major lore figure for the Night Elves and Tauren, but mostly associated with the Night Elves, hence the Alliance. You really only see him with Tauren in the Cenarion Circle neutral druid bits.

Third you have Kael’thas, who was Alliance, then Illidan’s crew, then to the Burning Legion. He isn’t affiliated with the Horde anywhere in the game and it was Lor’themar that aligned the Blood Elves with the Horde.

So it the last zone you lead with another Alliance Lore character and not have any sort of Horde Character?

I think they could have found a better Horde Character with more past visibility than Draka for the Hype purposes (especially when divorcing her from the WoD version which had screen time).

Maybe they should of used The Ashbringer for Maldraxxus and listed Vol’jin for Ardenweald and left Cenarius out it since it doesn’t look like he is even putting in an appearance.


Even if they don’t, they still know the name of their nation and capital. If Draka is going to care even the slightest bit that her son survived, this complete obliviousness to the state of the Orcs is too illogical.
If she doesn’t care about Thrall, what was the point of using her and the conversation? Red herring? Possibly, but I don’t think Blizzard is that clever and it still leaves the whole thing contrived.

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Draka not knowing anything about the progress of the Orcs just rubs me the wrong way. No Orc soul told her about their young warchief who openly called himself the “Son of Durotan”, who returned them to shamanism, rebuilt the Horde, led them across the sea, helped defeat the legion, settled them in a land they named Durotar, and saved the world against a giant doom dragon? All that important Orc stuff and she got NONE of that!?

But she’s heard of Azshara. Right.

EDIT: It dawns on me. Wouldn’t Mograine know about Thrall, Son of Durotan? At least in passing?


That might’ve been better but Vol’Jin is fairly active in BFA. You’ve to lug around his urn and his ghost is pretty chatty. So I can see why they didn’t want to reuse him.

And honestly ‘We’ll see’ is all I think is really fair to say about Drakka. I was pretty disinterested in the Loa going into BFA - not conceptually but WoW’s other deity characters had been pretty forgettable. And the Loa weren’t just the best part of BFA, but some of the most interesting characters I’ve ever seen in the narrative.

But right now the Ashbringer’s the only person I’m inherently interested in talking to there.

Frankly it’s unclear where orcish faith about their ancestors is at ever since they came to Azeroth. Only Ner’zhul really found out the truth about why the spirits actually fell silent on Draenor, and we never really saw any active scenario in which the bulk of the orcs were dissuaded of Gul’dan’s lies about the ancestors just abandoning them.

Questing in TBC Nagrand indicated that the Mag’har can still be contacted by the ancestors (see: Mother Kashur reaching out to Geyah from the Ancestral Grounds), but Thrall’s internal dialogue and observations in The Shattering indicate that he and the other orcs on Azeroth can’t really speak to the dead there at all as they had on Draenor, though it’s not clear whether that’s because they’re so far removed from the phenomenon at Oshu’gun that anchors the spirits there, or if the ancestors are still deliberately withholding contact with the orcs of the first Horde ever since they turned their backs on them for their actions against the draenei.

Still, Draka being in the Shadowlands does suggest that orcs who die on Azeroth pass on like most souls in the universe, bypassing the effect that allowed orcish dead on Draenor (and draenei dead for that matter) to remain present and watch over the living there. The draenei understood what was going on with the naaru attracting spirits better than the orcs did, so they probably just remain adherent to the overall “joining the Light” stuff that most Light-following societies harbor, but we don’t really have any indication of what - if anything - replaced the Azerothian orcs’ old beliefs concerning death when shamanism was returned to them.

Though Saurfang’s letter to the player in WotLK implied that they may not have any beliefs concerning that at this point. He indicates that how the living remember one’s end in life is the only thing an orc really has, suggesting that they may not have generally latched onto any sort of replacement “set” of beliefs concerning a literal afterlife.


Is Cenarius even still involved? I’ve heard plenty of stuff about Ysera, Tyrande and Bwonsamdi all having parts in Ardenweald’s story, but absolutely nothing about Cenarius. Frankly it seemed odd to me that he was mentioned to begin with since he’s alive on Azeroth.

I don’t think they ever said Cenarius would actually be in SL, they just used him as an example of someone who was revived by Ardenweald. Like “this is where Cenarius was before he came back in Cata.”


That was likely to try and preserve the spoiler that Ysera would be the character that gets interacted with in Ardenweald.

This dialogues are so generic that it shows these npc are only there to be some nostalgia hook(Mograine and Vash) while Draka is just a mocking to Orcish religion.

The premise of this expansion is reaching the boreness of WoD with just heavy metal Orks

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A Thrall-Taretha reunion would be nice to see.

What are the odds of an orc soul going to Maldraxxus, pledging to the same house, talking to her, and knowing that she’s Thrall’s mother?


About the same as a Night Elf or Naga going to Maldraxxus, pledging to the same house, talking to her, and telling her about Azshara.


there are quite gigantic plotholes here obviously.

Anyway speaking of maldraxus it would be lame as hell if Kelthuzad was a servant of the Jailer.

Cenarius were once in Ardenwaeld, but isn´t there anymore, so its remain uther and Kael’Thas. We have ysera in Ardenwaeld and Tyrande/bwonsamdi in the Conveant-Campagne, but no Cenarius.

He is. He betrays the House he belongs too and becomes part of the Mawsworn.

why tho

His whole thing was being genuinely loyal to Arthas to the point of being almost a fanboy. Why would he join the Jailer?

inb4 they retcon arthas to the point of “jailor controlled arthas when he became lich king or when he took up frostmourne”

Honestly? No idea, perhaps the Jailer offered him what he always wants, more power? We’ll find out once SL launches.