Famous Necrolord Characters Discuss Their Lives on Azeroth (Spoilers)


pretty interesting that naga can choose their form in death, I wonder if it applies to naga born that way probably not though. also
LOL at draka not watching over thrall at all, I guess drek’thar is more senile than I thought to believe that she was.


Yeah, they haven’t done much good by the Orcs and their ancestors with this x-pac.


The Draka not knowing Thrall is a serious lore blunder and should be reported so it can be fixed. Makes zero sense that she can hear tales about Azshara but not know her child not only survived, but became the leader of the Horde.

I get that they want some special reveal, but that would be so artificial and contrived that no one in the history of them being there was like, “Draka? You mean the mother of Thrall?”


I think hearing tales of Azshara makes sense. How would she know her child is Thrall?


Mograine could choose a form too. It seems all the deaths can.

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Sure, if people are sharing the history of the worlds they come from(which from these conversations it sure seems like it), the fate of the Orcs should be something that was said to Draka. It’s less about Draka knowing and more that other people know of her. Not to mention their land is named after her husband, it should grab her attention.

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I suppose you could say she’s heard of Thrall but doesn’t realize that he’s Go’el. Thrall isn’t what she knew him as, after all.

I find it hard to believe not one orc would have appeared in Maldraxxus and told her “Your son is our savior!” though.


It is a conspiracy by the Kyrians of Bastion to mind wipe anyone that could tell Draka that Thrall is her son.

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Wouldn’t even have to be that. Just the briefest history of the Orcs founding their own land should immediately get her curious.
“We settled in a land we would call Durotar, and founded a city Orgrimmar.”
“Durotar… that’s a funny name…”
“Named in honor of our Warchief’s father(insert minor detail of him being killed or something.”

It just feels so much logic has to be thrown out to create the obvious emotional reunion coming up.


I have said it before and I will say it again: Garrosh should be part of Maldraxxus.

Also on another note: Why dont we see the “Evil doers” imprisoned in the maw? And I wish Geyarah went to meet Draka too. (also i really dont give a rats butthole about the new characters of Shadowlands, the FEW (like 1-3 per zone aside from ardenweald) is all i care about.

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Interesting that necrolords can choose their forms at all. I wonder if all realms of the Shadowlands that don’t involve some sort of change allow such.

I’m pretty interested in Makdraxxus as I love necromancy. But I gotta admit the characters they put there sure seem random.

Drakka I had to initially look up and honestly it feels like meeting Martha Wayne. I guess she did do some cool stuff in her own right but her death is the most narratively impactful thing she did.

Lady Vashj I only instantly remembered because that greedy lizard won’t drop the helmet I want for a transmog.

The Ashbringer being there is actually probably the most interesting idea. I’m confused why they didnt lead with that.

Uther, Cenarius and Kael’Thas just seem like heavier lore guns and I’m curious to catch up with them. I think Maldraxxus should’ve gotten Doomhammer or Lothar.


I’ve been a Hordeaboo since the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand upon Four. when Ion announced Draka, I had no idea who she was.

Kyrians imply everyone can, but necrolord’s bodychanging is specific because they can build their own bodies.


Mega double agree. I think they added Mograine and Vashj when not one single person on planet earth (or at Blizzcon) cheered when they announced Draka.

tho I like the addition of Vashj.

I agree for everyone except Mograine. IMO Mograine’s a bigger deal than all of them combined.

Mondo agreed. Draka is a wasted space.

You didn’t remember her from WoD?

Nope. She did hecc all of nothing.

I missed WoD so I had zero idea who she was. Makes me wonder if Blackmoore or Taretha will show up as they were more impactful to Thrall’s life than Drakka.

Now that I’m thinking, wonder if like Van Cleef will pop up anywhere.

I mean I knew who Draka was (she was known from Thralls background), but using her feels somewhat weird to me.

The same family again. If she looked for Durotan?

I would’ve went with another choice.
It’s neat they can chose their own form though.

Edit: I also agree that Draka not knowing anything about Thrall is a huge lore mistake and needs to be reported and addressed. This pretty much kills the after life of Orcs.

I don’t like that this confirms that the dopey giant zambino forms are stronger than your racial body.

It saddens me more people didn’t read A Warrior Made.

Edit: Also, does it kill orc afterlife? As far as I’m aware it’s not 100% that orcs that die are on speed dial for Shamans to pull and talk to. It had a higher chance happening around Oshu’gun because the souls were being attracted by a dying narru.

Now her never following up however does seem weird but we also don’t know how often she came into contact with dead orcs who bothered to mention it.