FALSE FLAG cinematic

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It’s like they think Saurfang is specific to BFA or something. IDK… all these new players.


Oh, hey, look, Sylvanas is being evil and ordering the deaths of Thrall and his family again! Color me absolutely shocked!

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I too am a [redacted character from GoT] fan, OP. ;p


That character is about to become permanently redacted.


I’m fine w/ original badass warrior Saurfang…

In the same way I was fine with “You’re probably inept and worthless you level 10 who just wandered in from Tirisfal” version of Nathanos.

Confused about honor betraying the Horde version of Saurfang though is another matter. All I meant was during the cinematic in the context of being old warriors w/ Thrall the animation and voice was brilliant. It’s the first time since BfA launch I felt I could see him as a real character.

Nothing to do w/ Wrathgate or ICC for me.

Edit - Based on what’s happened I believe he should die for it, that doesn’t mean I don’t respect what he did before or who he was as an Orc. Choices were made, the wrong ones.

It’s tough to read the emphasis here. Yeah, I do.
It’s a chicken egg situation, we both have a valid point.

Saurfang, badass warrior, Sylvanas knows it, everyone on the Horde does.

Why would she send (allegedly) an assassin who is so utterly incapable of dealing with the threat she knows perfectly well he represents?

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Except that to pledge your fealty to one that has no honor is antithetical to the concept of Honor. That’s ok, tho.

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/puts on tinfoil hat

Because she is playing 4D chess and is trying to lure Thrall back to either kill him or have him help defeat N’Zoth.

Crazy right? I know, but it’s 2 things I’ve read on here today.


Fair point. An interesting one, as a servant of Sylvanas since day one (I know, silly RP nonsense lol) I can’t agree with his interpretation of personal honor. I was happy in UC w/ the hordes business in Org.

My my, our allegiances are tested are they not.

:rofl: Been nice chatting w/ you.

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Im just memeing. Atleast we dont have Dave Benioff, the writer of Xmen Origins: Wolverine to suddenly make Mekkatorque kill Sylvanas for shock value.

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l loved the cinematic.

As for making sense, I’m not quite there yet. 2 assassins when you have an army behind you. Ok then.

Shroud and bring more classes in raid style. Just don’t let it be us LFR as we will need more than 10 stacks to make a dent.


They were just lvl 65 Rogues trying to lvl in Nagrand and get in on some pvp action.


which is an interesting factoid since the combined intellect of every troll in Zandalar is equivalent to a coffee can :rofl:


As a counter point, I like Sylvanas because I see a tortured individual that is frightened and scared of losing the only thing she’s ever wanted to do - what she died trying to do: save her people. Her fears of losing this have lead to paranoia, attacking the desolate council and now even thrall (if she did send the order to attack/track/kill/etc thrall) - who agreed to allow forsaken into the horde.

I agree she’s conniving and deviant and down right mean. But, man, I picture her, thinking that she’s trying to do best for her people - and failing. I would love to hear more about her thoughts on this whole conflict.

How far would you go to save your way of life, even if it meant doing things that your way of life says are bad? It brings up great discussions on philosophy and what it means to be a hero. As I’ve been gettin’ schooled in other threads on!


I just want Sylvanas to go away. I don’t want to see her defeated, or dethroned, or get her comeuppance. I just want her to leave. She’s like a bag full of trash in the middle of a wrestling ring. Nobody is actually interested in watching anyone wrestle the trash bag, they want the trash bag gone so that wrestlers can put on an entertaining show. That’s the sign of a poorly-written villain - you don’t want to see them defeated, you want to see them just go away because they’re so tiresome any form of battle involving them would just feel trite. And at this point Sylv is an overstuffed trash bag that reeks and is leaking that nasty trash juice all over the floor. Even if you throw it out, that stain and stench is going to linger. Should have thrown it out long ago.

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It’s obvious

She would task such a responsibility to a named champion, Maybe a Dark Ranger, if she was serious about getting rid of Thrall.

Doesn’t mean it has to be 4D chess, pretty sure it’s been revealed she wanted the horde to rally to one spot. Not sure why but it’s what she wants.


Not anymore - he no longer has shaman powers.

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Forsaken have a few issues with doing things correctly - moldy brains and all that.

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Sylvannas obviously sent the worst rogues she had at her disposal just to get them killed and convey a message to the two orcs. I mean, come on, one of them came running up loudly. How bad of a rogue can you be?

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SS on CD, sometimes it works that way.

I mean, not defending the n00bs, just - sometimes it works that way.