Fall release and rapid progress of xpac may finally destroy (degrade) wow

EDIT: “destroy” was a terrible title, degrade, downward path, etc would be better. generally - depending on the time differentials for people, moving too quickly may turn out to be an unforced-error /EDIT

This article is a fair sum up of reality. Google " This Push to Open Schools Is Guaranteed to Fail" to find it. TL-DR it’s just saying that things like school, day care, camps, and so on … they just aren’t happening on scale yet. Believe what you will, espouse whatever politics you want, thing thing dngaf about politics. The thing is the thing. It doesn’t give a crap about misdirecting spin.

So, what does that mean for WOW and Shadowlands?

This is not a board game. It’s MMO where bulks of people give this game life. There need to be functioning guilds and raids and crafters and harvesters and m+ people and pvpers and on and on and on and on. And at the start of an XPAC there is no greater time where population density is needed. The competitive run up to find a get things and learn things and set things up. There is no other time in MMO where the game is more of a race. And it’s a race where people are needed online, in bulk, to create the community. And people need to be online in a sustained manner too. Most everyone in my group is on break now, reseting up so they can be present for the pitch.

Therein lies the problem.

With the game being so old … well a great many of us are old now too. For a great many of us online participation is only a function of functioning Schools, Day Care, Work, and other things that give us blocks of free time to be ingame. And this fall? I’m screwed. Is everyone in our guild screwed? No. But a bunch of us are. And a bunch of us ingame everywhere who won’t be able to participate in the race. Won’t be able to participate in that run-up time where the XPAC gets going.

That will have an effect. That will have a big game dropping effect on many many people. A “well, perhaps it’s time” sort of bomb going off in the game with ripple waves that will touch everywhere. In a way that’s not recoverable.


Delay release. And if release can’t be delayed then delay the run up. Take a longer time before raid is opened up. That sort of thing. Allow those of us whose lives will be truly screwed, to participate.

Now - the creative one here. This is important. Structure things differently. There’s no need for us to have to touch the game so frequently. In BFA, we had returning players says “what to I have to do to get may character in raid-maintenance-mode?”. They want to play and participate with the group but they need weekly and monthly tasks that allow them to participate. Not all this daily crap.

The weekly BFA vale and uldim assaults were a fair example of this. Complete 3 assaults in a week and you generally get most of the reward. If you had oodles of time, ok you could play every day for a minor bump. My advice for shadowlands is make the weekly and monthly tasks give more reward and let the daily bump slide. The downside there is we had to convert the currency in time consuming HVs … but live and learn.

Well have to go, life calls, there’s enough here to get the point or flush it. Which goes for the game as well. Get the point or look forward to Shadowlands being Ghostlands.


So this was quite a jumble, but from what I can piece together, you’re saying kids not going back to school because of covid will “destroy WoW”? I don’t think that’s going to happen. Sorry you may not have as much time to play because of your kids I guess.


I gotta say, when I think about the possibility of schools being open this fall, WoW isn’t really the first thing that comes to mind. It’s more like, “how many kids/parents/teachers will have to die before we learn our lesson?”

So I guess if WoW dying is the alternative, I’m alright with that.


What kind of hoop-jumping is this?

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Another doomsaying thread about the ‘end of WoW’

Like I haven’t heard this before…

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Sundays are wild.

Don’t have kids.

Problem solved. :white_check_mark:


They need to put the participation metrics through a shredder and promise to never use them again.

And bring back rep tabards, PvP gear and the philosophy that there is no such thing as degenerate gameplay.


tldr: i have a personal time problem and am flexing my brain as hard as i can to make this everyone else’s problem

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So much this.

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delay the game for me because others are unable to play… no thanks.

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This is why I will be homeschooling my 6 year old this year.

In Canada, although cases are now finally fairly low, they have absolutely no plan for children going back to school aside from wearing masks and attempting social distancing. With 15 little snot nosed goobers per class and 1 instructor? Yeah right! What a joke.

That being said, it will have very little impact on my ability to play. I already play around chores/kids/work/school/whatever because… that’s life.

Please don’t delay Shadowlands. There will be plenty of people around, and it certainly won’t be the end of anything (certainly not the entirety of the game).

Those of you who say not to have kids, you’re crazy! They’re a lot of work, sure, but man they are fun. And sweet, and funny, and will always keep your life feeling full of happiness. You are really missing out! WoW is great, it is a lifestyle, a huge investment. Kids are awesome too! Why not have both?

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I plan on remaining child free, I guess if that makes me crazy, so be it lol

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Soooooo… you’re advocating that because you have to work/watch your kid and others don’t that SL will fail because you won’t be able to keep up with your friends and that they should delay SL until your schedule has freed up so you don’t get FOMO? Ignoring that quarantine has been extremely beneficial to this game in bringing back returning players?

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Enough people in the world, no thanks.

You’re right, overpopulation is a huge problem.

Thanks for your contribution in the way of change.

well I appreciate you trying to reply to a jumble. yeah it was quickly written, like most people with less time these days, we do what we can.

I was mostly remarking on the big free-time differences people have these days and it getting worse when school starts … and that being especially damaging at a time when everyone should be chewing up new content and engaging in new competitions together.

Also troubling is the thing in BFA where blizzard added a lot, a lot of stuff. They are increasingly designing a game that’s more and more unfriendly to those with less time. But with some designs like corruption assaults, that helps work against that.

I’m concerned about (1) things getting depopulated and (2) increasing generational-age divides. In these online worlds once a platform gets tribal … well then the other tribes go elsewhere. Age groups tend to segregate and for a MMO that’s counter-productive to general success and healthy resilient game communities.

good points

rep tabards in particular worked well allowing people to have more choices while they earn the thing

Why not go talk to everyone else who’s been out working for the duration of this pandemic?

The stink that (some) teachers are creating over this is honestly pathetic. The entire planet isn’t going to shut down. Deal with it!

And yet, the game has survived through other issues. It survived, for example, through the global financial crisis of 2007-2009. This was a time when people not only had lives and family to worry about, they were actually losing their homes, their money, their pensions, everything. But the game hobbled along and, in fact, had its largest number of subs during the release of Wrath in 2008.

The things you mentioned in your title will not degrade WoW. There are plenty of other things that may do that, but the problems beyond the game are not necessarily the main things that will/

The Sunday kind.