Falcosaur mounts


is it true only one quest per day for the quest chain?

Having trouble at hunting lesson quest not counting

  1. Raising Your Sharptalon
  2. The Smell of Undead or The Smell of Night Elves
  3. Hunting Lesson: Spring Strider
  4. Allies in Val’sharah
  5. Sharptalon Team Up
  6. Destructive Prey
  7. Hunting Lesson: Terror Larva
  8. The Uncongenial Faction
  9. Sharptalon Bonding
  10. Hunting Lesson: Auburn Ringtail
  11. Teamwork Lesson: Dresaron
  12. Hunting Lesson: Vale Flitter
  13. Teamwork Lesson: Xavius
  14. Sharptalon Team Rumble
  15. Sharptalon ReunionCongratulations, you have made it!

(Amayita) #2

I don’t know if they fixed it, or if it’s even allowed, but there was a point where you could switch between characters and do multiple quests in the day.

As for the quest credit, apparently it’s buggy, and you just have to keep going until you get three wins. That said, make sure the Falcosaur doesn’t die, and that you have him summoned before you start the fight.


yeh ive tried alts 110 and higher multiple battles, not one has counted.

guess i have to wait till tomorrow.

(Dyngdawng) #4

this was a key point that made a difference for me. Was frustrating as sometimes i would switch battle teams and forget to summon the falcosaur pet, then wouldnt get credit.

(Loncis) #5

I got all four of the Falcosaur Mounts. Not because I particularly wanted them, but I enjoyed questing with my pets.

Also, I enjoyed the cash rewards, as I wondered where the heck an orphaned hatchling falcosaur is getting the gold from, and how he knows enough about it to pay me with it.

(Amayita) #6

I forgot once for that eagle that seems to never spawn on top of that one hill, and I had to turn the game off for a bit. I didn’t forget after that xD

(Inayia) #7

Yeah it took awhile to get them all but I like that much better than boom one day here ya go. Just takes patience is all.


yes, switching to alts still works in BFA, I can confirm.