Fairly geared Fury Prot Warrior LF Guild

I started on Herod-Horde, but my schedule didn’t fit the server’s raid teams, so I’m trying to find something preferably on the west coast.

I’m looking for something kind of late at night. I get off work at around 9:30pm PST, so I was hoping to find a guild that starts at 10pm.

Notable traits:

  • I know my rotation for both tanking and dps
  • I always bring world buffs and consumables
  • I have some pretty useful tanking macros
  • I’ve managed to get 9% without edgemaster’s handguards and still be pretty beefy, but if it’s truly necessary, I’ll farm for it on my slightly less geared mage
  • I love theory crafting, especially in Classic because there are so many possibilities
  • I’m very friendly and reasonable
  • Free boosts for guildies, as long as you come to my discord and tell everyone how amazing I am

Gol’kosh dabu. Pawene ichnee pawene.
(By my axe, I obey.) (Remain strong always.)