<Fair Enough> 6/12M LF RANGED DPS + HEALS

<Fair Enough> on [Area 52] is a 21+, three night, mythic raiding guild looking for more skilled players with great personalities for mythic progression. Our goal is always to obtain cutting edge with time to spare before the next raid is released, and have fun while doing so.

Raid Times: Tues-Thurs-Sun 8:15-11:30pm est

Progress: 8/8M Uldir, 9/9M BoD

Current Needs:

  • all ranged dps

First and foremost, we want dedicated people looking for a long term guild home. This is an easy going environment where we want to have fun while killing bosses and progressing through mythic. We are interested in mature people with good attitudes in order to continue making this an enjoyable and productive atmosphere. We expect you to have a good knowledge of your class, and of the raid bosses before going into an encounter, show up on time, and be consistent. Survivability and mechanics are paramount, DPS/HPS is secondary.

Outside of raids we push keys, sell carries, have an alt night, and hang out in discord. While raiding is our primary focus, we welcome social members looking to become part of a like-minded community.

If you feel we may be a good fit, add me and let’s chat!

Btag: Sheridan#11238
Discord: Ophiliah#2184

Bumping for skilled dps and a disc priest or holy paladin.

Still looking for solid dps.

Still looking!

Find me in game tomorrow. I’m interested. 426 shadow/disc/holy 427 unholy/blood 7/8h xp 13 years playing. Lots of endgame xp.

Bumping for dps that can pump!

Ashvane down. Looking for above average dps!

Looking for exceptional ranged dps.

shot you a fr, the discord tag though, wasn’t a valid name?

Shouldnt be any issue with the discord tag. I would try again and make sure you are putting it in correctly. Can also add me if you’d like : Kammi#5055 (discord), Kammi#1976 (bnet)

Bumping for ranged dps!

Still looking

Looking for exceptional dps.

My guild might be taking a little break in the up coming weeks. I am currently only able to raid Tuesdays. As my work schedule is kinda haywire. Would that be something you guys would be interested in? 435 Boomie dps. Thanks all!

Bumping for ranged

We’re looking for all ranged dps, and skilled healer.

Looking for any skilled ranged dps!

Looking for juicy ranged!

i got eyebeem and throw glaive just count me as a ranged (lol), needing a group past ashvane hmu

Looking for ranged dps and a holy paladin.