Faerlina healthy?

Thinking of xferring over to this realm from herod. From the looks of streams it seems very alive or is that just because of streamers?

Its very alive indeed we can use some more undead. Welcome I like undead. Bring cookies. I like cookies.

mosly made of people raid logging and with some levelers, most of time it be Streamers preparing at raid log for buff before heading to raid

I was thinking about coming back and finish levelling my Druid but if nothing is happening in the world I wont bother

Its a raid log server now, none of the “remaining” streamers have hosted any event past the CDL and probably never will

Really disappointing considering how much the big streamers hyped up all the community events they were going to do. The multiboxers are the only ones who are doing fun events/dance parties now. And we’re feeling damn fine.

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you can /dance with NOHITJEROME

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