Faerlina and being alliance (not salty)

So I’ve seen a general and overwhelming amount of people complaining about phase 2 and being on a server like Faerlina (known as the streamer server) to be overrun by horde. Now as someone who has been playing this game for FAR too long I’m quite used to being over run or out numbered, its part of the pvp experience: fight, die, learn, repeat

I’m actually kinda glad i choose alliance this time around, the horde are sporting amazing players with a multitude of gladiators and pvp veterans that i get to have my butt handed to me, over and over and over again. The styles and knowledge I’m gaining in the past few weeks have been wonderful and I am quite excited for the future patches to come.

if i rolled horde i would have to “fight” asmons back peddling champions and swiftys guild…kek

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Where do you get your information from?

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Have you actually logged into the server? Horde: BLOOD AND HONOR, Alliance: Afk in IF

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A lot of people might not remember the days of Wintergrasp where it was horde versus alliance from the same server… If classic wow does progress into other expansions, this imbalance is just something we will have to deal with.

yes, but my anecdotal evidence and my feelings are quite different as I fight a mass of alliance camping the UC GY. also I provided some level of facts, which was why I was asking you how you figured that out? but I got it, that’s just how you feel about it

Well I’m just saying, IF is literally shoulder to shoulder with afk people, I’m surprised its NOT goblin sapper bombed to smithereens by now

Alliance are very active when a streamer logs in and tells them where to go.

Otherwise, they don’t seem to do much.

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Where are YOU getting your information from?

A over 2 month on old post that was outdated a few hours after they posted it. Not to mention if you go to the site wowhead is referencing you get this warning " As you may know, the census addons do not work correctly since september 19th . That also means, the amount of active characters will shrink day by day in the shown data!" NOT to mention if you go to the faerlina server stats it even shows horde out number alliance.

The websites data is based on an a census addon that uses /who to gather information that each user has to upload themselves. All of that is fine EXCEPT blizzard broke the addon like 2 weeks after it was released. So all of that data is completely outdated. Not to mention back when the data was not out of date if you were to change the filter to show people above lvl 10 horde out numbered alliance by a good amount. If you were to then filter passed lvl 40 or 50 there was a huge difference in the number of horde vs alliance. Also if you were to remove inactive players horde outnumbered in every level range. AKA people probably made alliance chars at the start to follow asmongold with his over 200k viewership then rerolled. At one point like 15k alliance characters were marked inactive even when the addon worked.

The only census we have right now is ironforge dot pro/servers which gets its ratio from the number of people who raid and upload logs to warcraft logs.

BEFORE you give the usual BS replies trying to discredit the collection ill go ahead and respond to them.

  1. “These numbers are based on logs and not everyone logs” Yes it is true not everyone logs but that doesn’t matter this is still an unbiased sample and has more than enough players to give us a general idea of the populations ratio. A persons faction choice does not make them more or less likely to log a raid.

  2. “The sample size is only 5000 players you cant base the ratios on a sample size this small” First of all normally a good sample size is 10% of the population as long as the sample size is not too large (over 1000) because the value added is close to none. For example a population of 1 million if you want a 95% confidence level and a 5% margin of error then you only need to sample 384 people. OBVIOUSLY Faerlina has no where near this many players i just chose 1 million to prove how 5000 people is more than enough. US political polls use like 4000 to 5000 people to poll a population of over 300 million… Seriously.

  3. “Not everyone raids” - again doesn’t matter its an unbiased sample and a very large sample to make up for any coincidences. Not to mention lvl 20 casuals are not the ones who are camping flight paths. Its the bored lvl 60’s that already have preraid BIS.

There is a pretty good consensus that says Alliance players are more likely to raid than Horde, meanwhile Horde is more likely to PVP. So in regards to your first ‘defense’, you’ve already forgot the ‘human’ element. Also, so say the data is not bias holds as much water as a cup with a hole in the bottom of it. There’s simply no way of knowing if a larger number or Alliance logged vrs Horde, to assume it’s ‘even’ is just silly on your part.

Your 2nd ‘defense’ is about as lackluster as the first. While your math MAY be correct, I’m not curious enough to research exactly how polling is done, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that polls are always bias AND rarely accurate. Case in point, Trump won in 2016 when EVERY poll said he stood no chance. So, again, while your math MAY be correct, maybe it’s those awfully low numbers simply don’t paint an accurate picture if EVERYONE was polled. Which really isn’t hard to imagine… you can’t ask 10% of a population a question and expect to get a answer that reflects the remaining 90%. This is why polls are not held in high regard.

Your 3rd defense runs into the same problem as the 1st defense, you’re assuming while ignoring the human factor. You also keep using the word unbiased, which a poll cannot be as the people taking the poll ARE bias.

All this for nothing as the numbers for Faerlina are now in favor or Alliance by a noticeably higher %.