Faction-split of new Heirlooms

(Heartblossom) #1

Why are the new Heirloom cloaks and trinkets split into Alliance and Horde versions? They don’t even have unique appearances.

I’m having trouble imagining any reason other than to sink slightly more gold upgrading them, but this seems like a very slim reason develop split versions.


I was shocked when I found this out. There isn’t any different flavour text or anything I could see that distinguishes the trinkets, they operate the exact same way.

As far as I know, there is no other trinket reward that has done this in the past, therefore we wouldn’t expect this outcome. Also, there is no indication when you purchase (with your NON-REFUNDABLE medals) that this would happen.

Why are we suddenly encouraging players who have alts to sink more gold into a system that has never operated as such in the past?

I’m a casual player and don’t play too much, I do have some toons with gold but not heaps of it. I feel that if this trend continues, I will slowly lose all the gold I have… :frowning:

I would love to know the reasoning behind this sudden change, and also why there is no indication of this when I purchase.

At the very least, change the vendors to Goblins. Then I would sort of understand…