Faction Specific Queues

Make it happen.

Faction specific queues need to happen on all realms now.

K thankx


how would the server know what faction you’re in before the loading screen?

Ya so no one can log in heartseeker, stalagg or skerm. Sick Idea.

You are level 20. Re roll alliance and stop your qq.

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I thought the level cap was 60? How’d you make it to 120?

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you can buy the expansions in the blizzard store.

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Oh can you show me? So are you as powerful as 2 60s then?

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Not always, because of scaling in Retail. :rofl:


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Good plan. Now horde have the queues, alliance get on instantly. I like it.



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Alliance don’t have a large presence out in the world in Heartseeker. I am sure that will change with ZG. But for now, as long as our guild is traveling in 3s or more, it’s not too bad. The Auction House is closed though.

Bad idea. Idea is bad.

In TBC I would support that. IF they did it “NOW” as you suggest, there would be nothing but chaos and riots.

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On a Pvp realm you can only have toons on one side. Or at least that was the way it was originally.

I have a better bad idea. How about we kick anyone off of pvp servers who has not logged a certain amount of hours per day in actual pvp combat?
This would fix all of the pvp balance issues in the first week. Oh pvp servers would be dead. A lot less crying though…it’s a fair trade off.