Faction specific queues

Not sure if this has been talked about but is there a reason we do not have faction based queues? I feel like this at least might keep the ‘logged in’ balance much much closer.

Seems reasonably logical to me. Obviously it might have a 5% leniency.


They probably want to wait until BGs are in and see if that will help. Faction queues are not Blizzard’s style of dealing with things. Alliance quit over imbalance, then horde will quit over the queues, no win situation. Although I would actually start to play more if there was reassurance that there is a balance in the world.

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ive already quit over the imbalance and unsubbed today. ill play it out as i still have time left but im not holding my breath that BGs will even change much of anything because it seems like people enjoy being toxic. half the time im killed its when im outnumbered 5 to 1 and get spammed with go to retail.

horde will have no one to camp eventually. complain about that.


Blizzard doesn’t want players to sit in ques:


Like within the past hour, or…?

There are several posts about it.

Does it? How much have you thought it through? Would levels matter? How about Honorable Kills? should there be priority queues for those who are actively participating in WPVP, as opposed to someone who is going to log in on a level 3 bank/auction alt?

What problems are you intending to solve with faction based queues? Faction imbalance is not an obvious “problem” in and of itself, though it may be the cause or result of other things which may be considered problems.

Would you have any way to measure the effects of such a queue such that you would be able to determine if it was helping to resolve any of the problems you have defined?

Among the servers currently available, do the problems you’ve defined consistently exist in more abundance on the more imbalanced servers, and tend to be non-existent on the more balanced ones?

Are the problems that you have determined to be directly or indirectly caused by faction imbalance also considered to be problems by others? Who? What sort of percentage of WoW players does that represent?

Of all of these problems, are any of them also problems on PVE servers?


DUDE before you leave, ROLL A HORDIE!!!

Join the fun faction before you leave. It’s night and day! You already have paid money to be on the wrong faction; at least try three days as Horde!

Ion even gave you an invitation! If you want a good player experience, the Horde is waiting for you!


not interested in rerolling and making new friends finding a new guild etc and no offense but playing horde doesnt sound anymore fun than playing alliance when the servers are imbalanced and extremely way over populated (as inthe total capacity).

back in vanilla when the server caps were 3k was far better all around.

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I get it, but I’m not asking you to make new friends, find a guild. I’m saying just roll a Horde You know you’ve wanted to! Play around with it for three days and you will find that the game is fun again!

Faction balance is an obvious problem. What part are you having trouble understanding? The number one streamers are even calling it out.
When there is a significant portion of one faction on over another it is not balanced. You only have to look at the faction reports. Some have huge horde some have huge alliance. They should at least try testing it and finding out, It is speculation if it will work but hey.
On my server its 60/40, that means there is nearly 2/3 population of horde.

I made it easy for you

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I stated:


I asked:

To which, you answered:

Thank you. It’s nice of you to post some information regarding the ConsenusPlusAddon, which is used by the WoW Classic Realm Population site. The more people who use it, the more accurate our data can be.

That there exists an imbalance of factions on some servers is not in question. What is in question, other than obviously the questions I’ve clearly asked, and just quoted, thus asked twice, is whether efforts to balance server faction populations would resolve any problems.

In other words, are there any problems that are directly the result of imbalanced faction populations?

Aside: How accurate is the population data we have?

From the Wowhead post linked above:

  • the information present right now isn’t very representative
  • this data is not complete and could use more contributions

We also have https://ironforge.pro/servers?region=us&filter=true which is based on raid logs.

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:sob::sob::sob:…I love how people are so confident that simply locking people out of the game is the answer…sure, making people sit in a q because you say,”ITS NOT FAIR” will make people unsub. Unfortunately there is no right answer to this problem because blizz can’t make people roll alliance or punish people for rolling horde

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Tonight I rode a zepplin across the continents as a level 1 shaman without a care in the world. I have to get ready to be killed at the docks to do the same as alliance.

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  1. Because it punishes Horde players for people not wanting to PvP as Alliance.
  2. #nochanges
  3. Just because a faction is ‘logged in’ doesn’t mean they’re out PvPing.
  4. Because it will do nothing to fix the balance on the ground, and will only anger Horde players.
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“not sure if this has been talked”

120 char with 1 post

Flag and move on, plis!

What about the people like myself that are unsubbing on ally side? I know others are leaving too.

I think most people if faced with the decision of not playing and playing the other faction, would rather play the game than not play it. This problem is only going to get worse as time goes on. They should have had the queue enabled on day one though - too late now.

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See I don’t think it is too late now because people like you (and me) can’t play the game and aren’t retail addicts so have no other investment to tie us to the game. And this still impacts the long term health and viability of each server and the game as a whole.

I’m going to be really curious to see what the queue time differences for Alliance vs Horde are as this will be a useful data point on the global faction imbalance (of course, one faction may be more BG inclined than the other).

I’ll also be curious to know what the faction breakdown of quitters is, not that I ever expect Blizzard to tell us.

The free transfers off my server (at least) are largely useless because the only option is to servers where my faction isn’t dominant so I’m going to have the exact same issue. So to hell with that.

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I mean, I think it would be great if they did that… but the answer is pretty obvious. Faction queues would anger a huge chunk of the population.

are you trying to say that all horde are out pvping while all alliance are on bank toons? you might be right to a certain degree, but come on man… re-read that grossly over-exaggerated blanket statement…

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gonna go ahead and report your comment, actually. what a dumpster-fire mentality to have. “this guy has not said anything prior to this, surely we shouldn’t take what he says seriously”


who is more angry? horde that have to wait a little bit to log in? or alliance players getting farmed with no way to fight back?

alliance might be mad at first but when they all quit and youre on pve servers youll be complaining too.

take the queue. its not a big deal. you waited for 5-10 hours to log in during launch. waiting a little bit isnt going to be a big deal.

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