Faction Mob Tagging: End It Now!

(Brocknor) #21

WoW is wishy-washy about it. Sometimes we can share, sometimes not.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear we were in the middle of a social experiment. They give us more of the “shared” items, so that we can realize how stupid it is when we DON’T share items.

I think the only thing in Legion we didn’t share was mobs under the Sentinax. And as soon as farming shards under the Sentinax became a thing (6 hours after it was released?), the boards were FLOODED with people complaining about how stupid it was that we didn’t share taps.

And as someone that’s been outspoken about removing Factions since WoD, I see that as a wedge into the system. It helps people realize just how stupid and pointless it is. So we get just enough things that we can’t share… so people realize things like that don’t help the game.


I’d love if they would fix skinning and quests requiring skinning like the follower quest for turtles. Nerf drop rates if you must but don’t require people to loot a corpse to skin it, and allow multiple people to skin the same mob.

People enjoy not looting so it makes a skinners life miserable knowing they can’t skin their own mob because someone ran by and poked it.


Turn on wm and just kill the other faction, problem solved

(Kypookins) #24

Faction tagging should only be in warmode, to make pvp more likely.

There should be no faction tagging when not in warmode, it is dumb.

(Katryona) #25

Blizzard: Your players have had enough.

We the players are sick and tired of Rastlin’s inane, idiotic troll posts.

This is ridiculous.

Ban Rastlin from the forums

End his trolling streak.

We, the paying customers demand this.

Thank you.

(Holsteiner) #26

You know, I think I’m starting to like Rastlin.
He just sounds so very sincere, with demands that are almost, but not quite, asinine enough to not be serious. This is trolling as an art form that has mostly died out, and he does it with panache.

And he always gets bites.

Cheers, Rasty, you agent of chaos, you.

(Stompypotato) #27

Yes, we should go back to individual tags.

That will make everything so much better.



I can sort of agree but can everyone else? Nope!

(Wasselin) #29

I agree with Raisin. Faction tagging is silly.

(Sapphera) #30

Bliz should just give us all our own phase to play in so we dont have to worry about the annoying reality that this is a mmo at all. No reason to have to deal with the results of playing with other players around whatsoever.


Has anyone ever figured out if this guy is actually serious or a mega-troll? I just can’t tell.


Idk if your post has enough italics to really get the point across properly.

(Rastlin) #33

Thank You. Your support is appreciated!

As the numerous hearts and comments like the player above prove, I do speak for many players.


You forgot to italicize the word private.

(Akston) #35

My italicizes are private.

(Drougen) #36

Uh, speak for yourself please? I like faction tagging. Nothing more satisfying than killing a rare than killing an alliance player who’s tagged said rare, then killing the rare.


No, YOU are demanding it.


I prefer to believe they’re a troll. The implications if they’re truly serious are just too depressing and sad.


We… You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

(Haavi) #39

I mean, it’s almost as if we are playing a game where the two factions are supposably at war.