Faction Mob Tagging: End It Now!

(Rastlin) #1

Blizzard: Your players have had enough.

We the players are sick and tired of your tedious quests being made even more tedious by the fact that the mobs we must kill are faction tagged.

This is ridiculous.

It is bad enough that we have to kill excessive numbers of certain mobs that are two few to begin with and spawn to slowly. On top of that they get tagged by the opposing faction. This slows things down alot.

We are sick and tired of this.

End faction tagging. You ended it with quest mobs and rares.

Finish the job: End tagging of all mobs!

We, the paying customers demand this.

Thank You.


To two tutus too.


Stop saying we

You are tired of it, we like the wpvp

Go play hello kitty island adventure

(Akston) #4

My faction is private.

(Cantz) #5

My tagging is private!


You forgot to say that it’s a slap in the face!

Happy Sunday, folks :slight_smile:

(Rastlin) #7

I try to avoid this when possible as it triggers some folks.

Privacy is a very important topic although not in this particular thread. It is no laughing matter.

(Cantz) #8

My laughing is private!


Oh no, now you have to wait or find a new mob, the horror.


Be grateful we even have faction mob tagging, it wasn’t too long ago when we were cursing each other out for “stealing my mob”…


I privately laugh when the tag gets slapped in the face🤭

(Cantz) #11

My slap in the face is private!

Ok I’ll stop now.

(Brocknor) #12

The real solution is to simply end factions.

No factions, no tagging. Done and done.


Not to be the grammar police, but, two misspellings of “too” in the same sentence?!

cries in English teacher

(Referring to the OP, just to clarify lol)

(Emilyanne) #14

Rastlin you can tag me all you want bae


it’s just another way to increase /timeplayed

the design goal of BfA is /timeplayed and retention mechanics (can we get them to sub and buy micros for just 1 more month?)



(Cynthesia) #17

Remember when it was individual tagging and not shared?? It’s not half as bad as back then


Stop speaking for people other than yourself.


Yeah it used to be tagged by character/group. Setting aside the fact that this is a Rastlin post on a sunday, the current system is much better than it was in the past, and the suggestion that they should change it is a slap in the face.


GW2 follows a principle that having others around is always beneficial.

For a while, it looked like Blizzard was adopting that principle. Everyone could click the clickies. They didn’t disappear once used, etc. Now, it seems like they have gone back on that. When others are around, certain WQs are miserable.