Faction Change

Hey There,

I processed a faction change and it said 8 minute wait. Well the 8 mins passed and it simply says processing now. And has been that way for about 20 min.

i know these used to take a few hours but it is the first time i have done one in a few years.

What should I be expecting time frame wise?

All digital purchases can take up 2 72hrs sometimes instant sometimes longer patience young grasshopper you will get there.

Oh I don’t mind the wait. I was just trying to decide if I should wait or just go to bed and try tomorrow. I wish I was a young grasshopper but I am an 9:00 bed time old person LOL

Did you recently initiate other character services like a level boost? Some of them should have blocked the token from being used, but we’ve seen instances where the system isn’t stopping them like it should.

Similarly, it could just be waiting for the purchase to finalize as Darth hints. Once the transaction fully clears, the token should go through instantly.

I re upped my subscription tonight as well.

I would suggest heading to bed, and seeing how things are in the AM.