Faction Change Timerunner

Is it possible?

I am not 100% on this, but considering it is a special event. I highly doubt it. You’ll most likely have to wait until after the event has finished.


Try it and see. No, seriously, just try it and see what happens.

So, rolled the dice – And it turns out you can faction change a Timerunner
I was sent to the Horde starting town, and had 0 flightpaths, but other than that, changed factions without an issue.

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Good to know.

I was just gonna power level all the alts I could ever want because it takes me 3 hrs to go to 70 :stuck_out_tongue:

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why would you want to? a new timerunner takes a few hours to reach 70.

just level another one. save your money.

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It’s not really our place to judge how someone uses their money. Perhaps they have an abundance of that but no extra time. Perhaps they’ve had unused faction tokens just sitting in their account. Maybe they have an abundance of blizzard balance they want to use up.


wasnt judging them just wondering why youd want to on something thats stupidly quick to lvl a new one of.

It’s easy to level another, but it’s not easy to rack up 200k threads, and I wanted to be able to dungeon spam my friends easily.
I was able to queue with them until blizz fixed the cross faction queueing, so it was worth it to just pay the x-fer cost and move on.