Faction Balance as Ally

So, I wanted to know what the faction balance feels like from an Ally point of view. As horde, it honestly feels like we outnumber Ally 10 to 1 in STV for example. Wowhead census data (i know it is unofficial) says it is about 63 - 37 Horde to Ally, but it feels way worse than that. I would easily transfer to a more balanced server if Blizz opened transfer again because tbh, it is getting quite boring playing as horde.

So yeah, i know there are more horde than Ally, but I wanted to know if from an Ally point of view it feels as bad as im saying.

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I would say it feels much higher number than Wowhead reported. TBH if Horde wanted to “roll over Southshore” with the pure numbers it would be difficult to stop. Many times I will see ally players not help even in situations where I believe it would be feasible to win. We do sometimes feel like we have our moments. Booty bay is how I travel to Kalimdor because Mendenhall Harbor is always being wrecked. It’s definitely frustrating getting to places at times but does have rewarding times if you are willing to suffer through it.

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It has been extremely demotivational, I don’t mind going to specific places to extreme World PVP (like Southshore vs Tarren Mill), or being ganked by some horde player time to time, but i’ve been camped by 15-30 horde players everywhere I go.
I can’t farm, I can’t quest, and even going to a dungeon takes about 10 deaths or more, most of Alliance cities are not purged because it has guards to protect it, but i’m pretty sure that even Ironforge won’t be safe anymore on the next few days.

It is honestly a little bit sad, feels like the game has died. They should open faction change from the overpopulated faction to the other one, otherwise i feel people are just going to leave the game. Well, they already have

I literally, went from arathi to badlands, without seeing a single alliance player in wetlands or Dun Morogh. The only sign of activity was a dead bear. This isn’t the experience i signed up for.

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Yeah I can see your point. The “gankfest” is even more than I thought it would be. I’ve dealt with it fairly well. Even if the server was populated faction-wise more closer to even, that doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t experience this same experience. More people on servers just means more “griefing” if you see it that way. You have leveling, two raids, two world bosses, and dungeons. If you have a max character then you only have so much to do. You may have had more people in vanilla to keep most of the pvp to certain areas. Especially, since the knowledge of the game was nowhere near what it is presently. We do live in an age where some people will just grief to just grief. It’s difficult to tell people that’s not how you play. If you are not cheating then it’s within the rules. It’s inconvenient no doubt. Me personally, I don’t find it enjoyable to jump a few opposite faction players with overwhelming numbers. It does feel great sometimes when you been “ganked” for awhile and the tide has turned and you are able to “dish” it back. however, we will never have the type of pvp everyone wants. Some people believe pvp is a 1 v 1 battle where the best person wins but with classic we know that too many variables go into who will win then just skill. Some think pvp is everything goes. They are not wrong. It’s up to you to determine what you find as being fun. I do think they should offer to at least be able to purchase a server transfer to pve server if you want. I personally hope I would just stick it out. I do think Blizzard will wait to offer this because the same “not being fun” is most likely going on with the horde side. I’m sure some don’t like world pvp as it is. Just like I’m sure some love it. We just need to wait and see who is going to keep playing. Especially, once all the phases have been released.

As ally is impossible for lvling, my classic lvl is 46, i feel like allies are leaving in droves! i am feeling how Ironforged lost half of players, Blizzard needs managenment free fransfers…
Sorry for my english, brazilian player and we all are surfering

I thought they offered free server transfers when we had que problems. I knew long before they offered transfers, that horde to ally ratio heavily favored the horde. I believe some transfers where to Latin based servers as well. Not saying you should go to a Latin based server but I’m just saying Blizzard did offer choices. I knew if I waited the ratio wasn’t going to become better for ally. If it did it was only be hardly noticeable. The best you can hope for is that Blizzard offers paid transfer. If they did you might think about pve server. Then you can turn on pvp when you want to. I mean no disrespect just something to think about.

Oh dont get me wrong. I love pvp. It is just that i don’t get to see any of it. And a pve server might actually provide more pvp than a pvp one.

And i know about the transfers. Unfortunetly i rolled on the server a couple of months after classic started after the transfers were gone.

Its only a big deal in towns… like the horde who wanna camp everlook for some reason… Horde who camp flight paths (where people arent worth honor). Theres even some rogues in IF for some reason. The horde who camp menethil constantly… I’m not sure if they really like pvp that much? or do they not understand how it works? or do they not care and are just killing ally at all costs? It can’t be the last one because this wasn’t a thing before honor came out.

There is no real definition of what pvp is. I’m like you that I rather have a 1 on 1 battle and who ever wins …wins. However, that’s where duels are for that reason. On a pvp server, It’s pretty much anything goes. It does get annoying sometimes having to die several times to get to dungeons but that’s the chance we all took by playing on a pvp server. I’ve played on pvp servers before were the balance favored the side I played. I often just let other players pass because I mainly wanted to get to where I wanted but I don’t expect everyone else to play that way. If they ever offer a server xfer to pve server you might consider it. Even if you were on a server where it’s more balanced, it doesn’t mean the experience will feel much different. You are depended on others to share your same PoV. Hopefully, the bg’s give some relief and you have a better experience.