Facing nothing but tryhards at low ratings?


Don’t remember it being this bad, but as soon as I cracked 1600cr with my friend started facing nothing but arena masters and vengeful glads at low rating? Is this normal now? And it’s not like one match its like every other match its a tryhard team. All we’re trying to do is go for the elite set which is what 1800 lol?


Get used to it, there is no PVP developer working in BFA. I assume your win ratio is around 50% too? PVP isn’t even an afterthought anymore, it’s been forgotten.


It’s hovering around 50% maybe less now since we hit a wall.


If you arent playing unholy, windwalker,destro, or fire you dont have a chance at climbing unless you play like a god.

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honestly none of these comments even remotely talk about the OP. There are less people on the ladder therefore the lower rungs are filled with more people who are serious about pvp. You just got to try a lil harder to get that ranking. what was 1800 a few seasons ago is 2200 now.


Calling the better players “tryhards” only shows your petty side. Instead of putting more skilled players down with derogatory terms, try instead to become a “tryhard” yourself so you can actually break the 1600 ceiling you’re hitting.

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The term “try hard” angers me. Like what does that even mean?

On a side note the issue is that only like 10% of people of the original 100% of pvpers are actually playing arenas now. Also classes are extremely too easy to play now so bad players can keyboard turn and back pedle to 1800.

I literally had a unh dk partner yesterday who was 1830 cr with me and I have a video of him keyboard turning and back peddling.

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the op is saying the exact opposite of this. he is saying that competition is better at a lower tier. and I agree with him on that


link of this “vengeful gladiator” you met at 1600 in 3v3? because pretty sure venruki is literally the only vengeful gladiator still playing this game and you definately didnt encounter him at 1600 mmr in 3s lol

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i mean inflation is more relevant

early season and mid season the ladders very deflated so you’re still likely to see a ton of good players casually at low rating esp on several alts

once 2700 isnt like top 20 on ladder (2 more months prob) sooner if they make changes
then it’ll be much easier to climb


can’t tell difference between a 1500 rdruid and a 2.4k rdruid tbh

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same with dk

dks like phife on first page

easily a 1900 player


I mean ur not wrong but its no so much Dk as it is the dampening meta. If people could actually die before dampening they would just ignore Dks and kill one of the other 2 pretty easily. Heal output from healers is biggest issue imo

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I hate how you say that; you always interject with something about just killing the other two. In no way, shape, or form is completely omitting a possible enemy as a kill target justified in any scenario. It should never be the case. If dks are in a spot where they’re not even worth targeting until heals stop healing, that’s called busted.

You know how rets sometimes mongo in the opener and bubble stuff just to try and burst someone down? Yeah well dks blow all their crap offensively too only unlike rets, you can’t punish them. It’s asinine and everyone knows it. No one takes 99% of the high rated dk players seriously lol


ok so whats the difference with RMP? Priest or paladin for that matter, is unkillable because rogue/mage have too much damage combined with CC for you to not go one of them. Going priest is just a loss 90% of the time.

Dk’s want you to go them dude. We heal based off you damaging us. If you don’t go us, our self heals are pointless and we can’t heal other people. Thats the point

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This is ridiculous man. You’re saying you want us to focus dks so you can bother to heal and not die as opposed to ignoring you and still not die? What’s the difference? Not many specs can heal other people, and the ones that can aren’t even good at it post nerf. I don’t know why you even bring that up.

Your first argument is asking how is focusing a healer any different? Ironically you compare dks to healers. But to explain the obvious, any team can peel their healer decently well, not only RM. Sure RM’s staple is control but any team that doesn’t focus me for instance (boomy) is in a rough spot. Focusing a healer lets the dps do what they’d normally do anyway, only un-hindered. Focusing a dps can force one to play defensively, lowering pressure.

I mean… TL;DR to this is how is focusing a dk any different than focusing a healer? You don’t need to peel the dk to have him survive. That’s the difference.

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If you can’t, you are bad at identifying the differences: pre-bear/bark, smart usage of vortex, cross CC with double stun (rake+bash and then clone), the list goes on…

There are HUGE differences…


All I see in trade chat now is people selling carries for rating and gear now. I think this is causing problems in the lower brackets. One glad uhdk with a 1200 healer can still roll that healer alllll the way to the sets they are paying for. Quite easily now, with how certain classes just “win” because of gear now.


Why is tryhard now a term for better players in arena? The only time I hear tryhards is when I’m playing GTA Online and tryhards there are despised.

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Let’s not pretend sitting around in LFG for an hour to get a T1 comp at 1500 rating isn’t tryhard tho, everyone knows exactly what tryharding at low ratings means except you sophomoric community college contrarians.