Facing Mortality – What Lies Beyond Death in Classic Hardcore

I like how you did the bare minimum of putting in a duel feature and keep reiterating it over and over. The addon makers did more work than you…

I’m liking all these little hype articles it’s kinda fun :expressionless:
you can tell the person writing them is having a good time


That’s a lot of word salad to pretty much say you still haven’t answered the question. I’m not sure who hurt you, but they can’t hurt you now.

The common denominator when someone condescends upon others is that they are usually the dumbest one in the room. I apologize that you have to live like that and those around you have to suffer it too.

I wish you luck.


Ah man, I was super hyped about HC mode classic, but then realized it was only for Classic Classic, not Wrath Classic.


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Would be funnier if when you die in Official HC servers you get sent to play Shadowlands Classic


Well this opens the possibility for other expansions.

Super exciting if they offer hardcore in future for all three ( classic, tbc, wotlk)

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A fate worse than death.


I’ve missed the smell of Axe Body Spray on middle-aged dudes.


As opposed to the ones that keep a death grip on their Polo or Drakkar Noir?


I just read the writeup they posted. I made a wrong turn in The Blasted Lands.


RIP Cauchy #6.


hgoly poggersssss

Your character loads in the maw and you’re only allowed to do maw dailies.


Does dying in a Dungeon or Raid count for the perma death too or just overworld & PvP?

Yes if you die anywhere you’re dead.

This is a horrifying thought.

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I haven’t even bought the SL expansion. All my characters would then be lost in the Twisting Nether or what?

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You have it free now with your subscription, so they should be okay. :rofl:

Well … won’t play, even free, so I’m happy that the characters do move to Era upon death, even if we STILL do not know which servers.

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Will you get to choose which classic era realm to transfer to if you die? All my toons are on whitemane, would be a big bummer if I got to high level on a HC server only to die and transfer to a dead realm.

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They will create a new server to rake in those transfer fees :upside_down_face: