Eye of the Jailer rank 5 life erode

Eye of the Jailer rank 5 life erode.
I have no idea why this exists other than maybe to make sure people dont try and do too many quests in The Maw in way day?

But why is it so severe? I cant even make it from the graveyard to the portal without dying. Surely being able to leave the area would a bare minimum distance you can run right?

That’s exactly why it’s there

I imagine some tweaking needs to be done to it, but if they don’t make it strong enough they are worried people will heal through it as they start getting more powerful.

As we’ve seen in previous expansions, even if Blizzard implements diminishing returns on farming anything (Artifact Power, Azerite Power, etc.), some players will still farm the crap out of anything if they have the opportunity for even the tiniest power gain. So here they’ve effectively put in a hard stop, if you get to level 5, you will be dead in 10 seconds.


It is a good thing to help prevent botting too.

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What really surprised me is that it applies INSIDE Ve’nari’s Refuge. So it’s iffy if you can even run Torghast after hitting Rank 5, since you might die running to the Torghast portal.