Eye of N'Zoth gone?

I never did the quest to purge it and it has stuck with me since then but with the new patch, it’s gone. Why’s that?


Apparently its in BFA zones only now

Same thing has happened to me, and it was not there while I was in Boralus.

Yeh I just noticed mine was missing before I came here…

Looks like it. Mine’s still there in Zuldazar but disappeared when I went to Dal.

As a side note, it looks like they also removed the ability to hide it by using something that overwrote it (eg. starting to channel Headless Horseman’s Hearthstone and cancelling).

To be clear – it’s not gone. The only way to remove it is to complete the quest that cleanses you of its wicked curse.

Which is something I’ll never do.




I put in a ticket and the response back was that they were now aware of the problem and are looking into it.

Cool. I’m glad. I love this thing. Hail N’Zoth.


I’m not mad if it gets shown only in BfA zones. I want to keep it for an eventual payoff, but I’m getting tired of the look everywhere I go…


Ya, its there when I’m in Stormsong before, but was gone when I was in the scenario etc.

NGL, makes little to no sense that in Uldum/Vale where N’Zoth’s presence is greatest, the Gift disappears. But it reappears on Zandalar/Kul Tiras?


I didn’t wear this eye on my head for it to only be visible in SOME zones. My Spriest is a N’zoth groupie, and should be able to represent wherever she goes! Hope this gets fixed, ASAP.


Yeah, I was a li’l freaked out when it had disappeared.

So the devs are working on it.
Would love an update as it’s been an awesome item, and I’ve not wanted to take off.


Disappointed there hasn’t been more of a payoff with the Gift. Seemed like something that should have some neat 8.3 quest. Not necessarily a big quest, just something as an alternative to the “cleanse it and get a toy” quest, since this all started with Blizzard putting a pop-up that warned players that doing that quest was a “permanent choice” as if an alternative end to the quest chain would eventually land.

Oh well, maybe I’m wrong and there is some kind of neat conclusion to this that somehow escaped being data-mined.

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The quest is gone from my quest log tho & i never completed the quest? Am i missing something here?

Seems like I only have when im in a BFA zone, stormwind or anywhere else it’s gone.

I noticed my eye of N’zoth went missing on my guardian druid yesterday. I just logged back in today and I am standing beside the Heart Forge, and my eye is still missing. Never did the quest to remove it on that druid.

Nvm it’s just completely hidden from your UI when you are not in a BfA zone, even though I thought the heart forge was a bfa zone its technically not so my eye is still there when I go to kul tiras

I vaguely remember there was going to be something about the Gift, in how it’d interact with certain NPCs.

Would love to know if there’s more info for those who choose to keep.