Eye Changes for Death Knights and Elves

Worgen eyes don’t glow at the moment period. Male or female, it doesn’t matter.

It seems that they didn’t bother adding the proper glow effects to Worgen because they were planning on updating how glowing eyes are done.

They did just go from one extreme to another. Naturally, people will complain about that.

I think most people would like the glow to be somewhere between the old and current PTR versions. Glowing, but not beaming like headlights on a car.


Eye glow effects are very clearly not finalized. For example, the Undead male vs female eyes just look completely different.

I will say, though, after seeing my Night Elf without eye glow… I really want the option for no eye glow. She looks so much cooler.


I just hope this is optional. I can understand why some may like it, but I think I still prefer my eyes glowing like they do.

I’m really interested in the suggestions of others that there be the option to select from a range of glow levels and/or even colors.


Male Undead lack the glow orbs while females have them. It’s looking like they might be starting to move away from glow orbs, which will mean that they have to update a lot of eye textures as many eye textures that relied on the glow orbs look terrible.


Well, nobody’s eyes really glow now (except femsaken who haven’t changed yet). :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing they’re ditching the old school glow billboards for everyone now to prepare for moving eye color/glow to its own shader (or material layer) in 9.0. As such, it kinda makes sense that they didn’t make Worgen eyes glow the old way if it’s just going to be changed soon.

Likewise for ARs who don’t have the glow billboard geosets for DKs.


I think for those that want the extreme glowing flashlight eyeballs, they could make a toy like paladin order hall item that gives you the demon sensing. It has a pretty good (maybe too bright) glow on it. Maybe a few of those would be fun additions so we can have our own “power up” eyes like Bolvar :smiley:

It would be nice if there are multiple DK specific eye options come the Character Customization Update for shadowlands.

Multiple levels of glow for normal glow, maybe a Lich King style whispy effect of eyes, a normal eyes option, ect.


Guys, the no glow at all currently on PTR is not final !


The best thing for them to do would be to dump the glow into the emissive channel, and generate the glowball/bloom as a volumetric effect via shader or post.

It sounds fancy, but it’s generally cheaper now than ye olde glow billboards since it’s one less render pass and less quad overdraw.

Weird. So Worgen DKs all have regular Human eyes in human form unless you have one of the Undead skins.

If you let DKs have red eyes I will die from excitement.


For clarification: having dimmer looking eyes is a choice in customization and not a replacement for current glowing eyes, yes?


As long as it’s optional.

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You’re joking, right? Golden eyes blood elves have been lambasted upon their implementation about the over done intensity of their eye glow. Death Knights of certain races have consistently over the years been criticized by the awkward placement of their strobe light eye glow and by how unintimidating and derpy it looks.

I get that it’s a human response to push back against change even if it’s for the better but let’s just think this through critically.


I prefer them with less glow. They look dumb looking like car headlights, imo.


I agree with the eyes looking odd without the glow orbs, though in my opinion they should just update the base eye textures to include the pupils, irises, and such. That would look a lot better than just solid colors for eyes.

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Great news! The option to turn off or turn down the headlamps is welcome, ty!

You must be new around here. I can’t count the amount of betas I’ve heard things were a work in progress and definitely not final and then went live. The infamous pineapple beard comes to mind.

Additional eye glow options are great but definitely don’t remove the current amount of glow please.


If ye want a real beard you know what race to reroll as!

Can you go into some details about why this particular bit of groundwork is necessary and what it’s aiming to accomplish? Not to say I don’t like it, but it’s hard to provide feedback when I’m not sure if the product itself is finished or what it’s aiming to do.

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