Eye Beam Essence Break macro for the lazy

title. Wanted it same button kuz i found myself casting EB after EB every time. I’m just alting it up so might not be optimal:

/castsequence reset=5 Eye Beam, Essence Break

Where’s the VR?

Could cast sequence immo, VR, eyebeam, fel rush, essence blade dance cs.cs, cs if you really want to be lazy.

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Would that really work? I thought that one button macros were frowned upon by blizzard.

It works. It’s a cast sequence macro. The problem is if you break the sequence then the macro doesn’t work. For instance using a fel rush right before the macro and not having one breaks it. But it does work.

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If the macro can be created within the in-game macro tool it’s fine. If you need to use an outside macro creator, like software that comes with your keyboard or mouse, those are likely not ok.

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