Extra Polish Needed

We previously planned to bring two new Arenas to the game in the Eternity’s End content update: the Maldraxxus Coliseum and the Enigma Arena.

Upon further review, we’ve decided to devote more development time to make Enigma Arena as good as we expect it to be. This new Arena includes moving features, and we want to make sure we get it working right before release. While we’re very excited about it, we’re now planning to add it to the game in a subsequent content update, and not with the beginning of Season 3.

Maldraxxus Coliseum is still on track for release with Eternity’s End update.


On the topic of PvP maps, any “polish” planned for random/unrated BG maps?

Certain BG maps continue to be one-sided/imbalanced for years now, and they could use some minor tweaks here and there to balance them out a little better. Also multiple exploits are live/ongoing such as Shamans and Priests being able to “heal” glaive throwers.

There is no shortage of feedback posts/threads regarding these issues, please don’t forget about the casual PvPer playerbase…


“moving parts” in an arena is always an absolutely horrible idea. Have you already forgotten how much people hated the Orgrimmar arena’s moving parts? good lord lmao


Ring of Valor was removed for a reason. I guess the people who remember why don’t work at Blizzard anymore. Not surprised.

Are we unironically replacing most employees, so that we can repeat the mistakes the previous ones did? What’s next, LFR for Arenas? Oh right, Solo Queue… Good stuff Blizz, you’re on track to adding another 40v40 bg, PvP scaling.


Classic “my opinion must be everyone’s opinion” statement


Have you played ring of valor?

The game has a lot more “leap to location” mechanics compared to a decade ago; melee being unable to reach ranged on top of these pillars sucked. Now we have reliable Z-axis movement, knockbacks, and Death Grip mechanics.

New maps are cool, but something different would be nice too. There are only so many ways to make LOS interesting when you move some geometry/pillars around. Z-axis maps are interesting, but objectively unfriendly to melee, hence the Blade Edge redesign to modernize it.


Thank you!!! This 100% :smiley:

I’ve been asking for an arena with moving features and obstacles for years now. It will really help to mix up the game. Maybe even floating platforms that move around lava, or platforms you have to jump on, and if you don’t you take massive HP loss. Something that brings a different kind of skill to PVP.

I also think power up crates, or springs that launch you into the air might be a fun addition too, pending how they work in another arena.

And on this note of new arena ideas. I honestly think the Hook Point arena should be changed or removed. It’s too similar to other pillar arenas (Tol’Vir, ring of trails and empyrean). Players just running around a small pillar for days becomes silly. I’m kind of over pillars. If the pillar is too small you can just kite a player almost indefinitely. Let’s change the meta arena format blizzard :slight_smile: This is why I like Ruins of Lordaeron better, or circle of blood, even mechadome, at least its not several tiny pillars… Where you can just ignore mechanics and run around a pillar for years.

Maybe if Hook point arena had brawlers who came up and stunned you if you ran into them or something, or if you ran around a pillar 3x you got a debuff that stunned you (LOL)… or if in hook point there were some some stairs you could run up and then jump off, that had multiple floors. But I think if we want to experience hook point we can in BFA, this might be better if we removed it as an arena.

But TY again for moving platforms. Brilliant! :slight_smile:

(edited for a tiny typo)

and PS. After reading some of the troll replies I can say I’ve mentioned this idea about moving platforms in arenas to other arena/rbg players in voice chat. From low MMR to higher MMR games. Everyone I’ve spoken with has been for this idea for a long time now. No one has objected. We 100% need new layouts that are more interesting that this pillar meta.

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People already crying my god

Can you at least give teams an option to blacklist one map so we can avoid these active maps?


Cries in Paladin.

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So, exactly how I predicted this was not the only opinion, we have:

Funny how sweeping statements about how the game should be played/made in order to be fun are often incorrect.

worried that you may have to pay attention to more than just the opponent?

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Dear lord I remember chasing Resto Druids around on my DK for 30+ minutes on that map during WOTLK. Literally spawned right next to each other and had no LoS.

thanks for the update

i can already tell you’re awful