Extra Haste Anyone?

Since the patch dropped, I have about 38% haste, but when I mouse over haste in my stat sheet, it says I should have 31%. Is this just a display error? Is there a new haste buff that warlocks got? Is there a bugged talent?

Warlocks are bugged.

Currently talents are granting us an unintended 5% haste, and 5% flat damage.

Seems to be fixed for me.

Just got hotfixed

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Very nice, I ain’t home so didn’t see it yet

Specifically, we fixed the bug today with Demonic Inspiration and Wrathful Minion.


Fixed to work correctly or fixed as in just no longer works incorrectly? I ask because I can untalent from it and my pet does the same DPS as when talented. Is it a dead talent, now, or is it just so incredibly minor that it averages out to be the same (to a ~0.1% difference when talented or not talented)?

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Yay for bug fixing.
Nay for this bug being fixed.


Actually, same question but for both talents - I don’t notice a difference between selecting the talents and not. Either of them. Hmm.

Yeah. Letting felhunter auto-attack a target dummy without either talent selected is 2.3k, overall, after about 5 minutes on my character. Selecting both talents and doing the same test is still 2.3k overall. Did you guys just comment out the code for both talents? lol

out of curiosity, I’m about to test in a bit - Do you have Grim of Sac talented? I wonder if the base part of each spell doesn’t work is grim of sac is talented, even if it’s not applied

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Nah. No sac and no synergy. I tried to make it as scientifically accurate as possible. lol. And I’m doing nothing on my toon. Just hitting pet attack macro and watching details.

Can paladins get a squire pet and have unintended interactions like warlocks and hunters have had on and off for years?

You don’t want a pet, dude. Trust me. Pet AI was written on Egyptian papyrus. Pathing makes it pull things by accident unless you can mount or unsummon. And it dies randomly. And you get punished for it (so they offset the punishment by giving you a talent to make it less punishing). Cool concept. Not so cool implementation. shrug


Is there any reason these widely known and reported bugs that were noticed right from the start of the cycle were ignored until live, and then hotfixed after, with a hotfix that just breaks them altogether?


I did some testing on the target dummy and my felguard is doing about 9% more dmg with Wrathful Minion. My test samples were 1 mil dmg with and without the talent. I’m sure there’s some reason why it’s not exactly 5%, but they definitely didn’t just turn the 2 talents off.

When y’all gonna fix shadowbolt and demonbolt not generating shards sometimes when engaging a target?

We been spam reporting this since beta.


Well, there goes any chance of me using the Onyx Annulet. Since it has no secondary stats I am not losing precious haste to a “maybe damage” ring that has a worst proc rate at 424 than my Eranog/Broodkeeper ring at 421.


I had beta access to SL. Reported a handful of bugs. Most were ignored, entirely, until several weeks into live. One, however, was fixed roughly 10 minutes after I reported it. That one was a dead PVP talent that wasn’t functioning at all (bane of havoc). I praised them for the quick response and became a white knight - only to regret it later. lol. I’m not sure who decides what has priority and what doesn’t. No idea about their internals. But, what I can say, is that the purpose of alpha/beta/PTR is exactly that. Sometimes, its useful and sometimes it isn’t. shrug Dunno.

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they’ll buff it more or some crazy gem combos will be uncovered

I strongly recommend everyone farming it since it’ll likely see additional tuning over the next week or so