Extended Queues Expected on Select Realms (Updated Aug 20)

Thalnos is the Latin America Server. Needs to have its own tab.

its not brazil server, they are separated on almost all servers, Thalnos has a higher concentration, about 6%, almost nothing, they will not bother us.

Maybe, depends on how layering handles it.

reminder that these queues will be longer than any queue you would have experienced without layering

This is hardly news, any fool could have predicted it seeing how few pvp realms there were.

Good idea… New WoW Classic Realm Opening Today


Why was the cap raised above players able to play on the realm? Cap should reflect how many people can actually login and play.

Layering doesn’t solve everything it seems.

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Blizz - understand that 90% of the classic player base dont want to sub until release to save that money - expect like DOUBLE or TRIPLE what the reservations are

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Is horde on Pagle going to be a good size? I heard its going to be HEAVILY Alliance. Like 75/25 for Alliance.

question, why are u against fairbanks?

Well, it’s expected for Pagle Horde to be less, but it’s not going to be that bad by comparison. Compared to most of the other PVE servers, Pagle Horde will have a higher Horde population anyway. For example, Pagle Horde alone is expected to be about the size of Myzrael 's total population, but that’s just based on the survey, and may not actually apply.


tyty two thumbs way up!!

Why not edit your original post with a link to the new server announcement???

I’m very happy to see that their solution is to warn of queues instead of just making more layers on launch.

Keep restoring my faith Blizzard.:clap:

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It was a rhetorical question. IE time to admit that they are not taking away layering.

imgur (DOT) com/O57jHs3

Unfortunately, I wish to play on an English speaking PvP server without streamers on the East coast so my choice is limited to one server.

Would be nice to have more choice like back in my day, but I guess I’ll just have to out-endure the visitors as I’m older now so time goes by a lot faster for me.

This is massive and i really hope a blue reads this. The questions isnt even just how many layers or how many people per layer. But what happens when they remove layers. I know some people were in name queue for Herod at spot1 of 125,000. If even 2/3rds of the server pop drops (and i think that’s highly unlikely) that would still be a server size of nearly 42,000 players. Lets just say only half are on at any one time, thats 21k concurrent players at a time.
That just seems like a really bad idea.


I believe Whitemane is a Pacific realm. But otherwise, yeah, it’d be nice to have another EST realm.

EDIT: Well now, looks like I’m an hour late to that news! LOL

Getting the real experiences now ladies and gentleman. :heart_eyes: