Extended Queues Expected on Select Realms (Updated Aug 20)

Add another PvE EST realm, it’s needed.


I am very confused as to why a new East Coast PVE server has not been added. Both are full and going to experience severe ques. Where exactly are you suggesting players on those realms switch to? You have failed to provide them an alternative.

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Having played WOW since day 1 yes many people will end up leaving Classic PVP servers, why? Lets just say they wont be able to take the heat. Personally I love it! I thrived during classic!

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I really hope you guys don’t make the same mistake every recent mmo launch has made in opening up tons of servers.

Seems like you are basing “realm pop” exclusively on name reservations. As if folks didn’t go make at least 3 toons per account and sometimes per server in order to reserve their names.

No one knows how populations will spread out (as always happens). I may start on server A today and decide server B is for me. Meanwhile, I will reserve my name on A and B just in case, even if I end up not playing classic at all.

Hope you guys don’t end up spreading the population super thin and then watch it become a ghost town after the first month.

This has literally happened to every single MMO that has launched in the last 10-12 years and has been the nail in the coffin for most. Not usually the only issue - but a major catalyst to the snowball effect of folks leaving.

Nearly every Realm is either High or Full. only Medium is what RP Realms?

Chill new servers opening Monday morning before launch

new PvE and PvP servers opening Monday am no worries. if you have friends/guilds on a full/high server now might be a good time to discuss moving so when they open you can get your names first.

August 26, 2019 10:00 AM , we will open the following new realms in this region:

Name Type Timezone
Incendius PvP Eastern
Bigglesworth PvP Pacific
Old Blanchy Normal Pacific
Westfall Normal Eastern

Yes I have a Phone Blizzard …

However I will NOT be able to be home 2 Hours before the game goes live to make my names on the ’ New servers ’

CAN I make my names on a Phone? I do not have a Laptop so thats not an option.

In fact I will get home just in time to change, get a drink and get online for the launch…

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Blizzard, please advise which is it??

Bigglesworth PvP Eastern Time
Incendius PvP Pacific Time


Incendius PvP Eastern
Bigglesworth PvP Pacific

Bigglesworth is Pacific

Assuming this based on forums posts trump website posts?

that would require common sense though, something they seem to not have.

Bloodsail Buccaneers is currently listed as High, looks like just the newest servers at medium

How about you open up OH, I dono at least 6more servers if not 10…THEY ARE ALL FULL DERP. If we are in Que’s at this point its Blzz fault…all the servers are basically full.


I posted in more detail another thread but yeah.

Blizzard- full/high realms will have queues roll on low/medium
me log in go to server list no low/medium realms of RP or PvE
Blizzard - more coming monday
me 1 more for each timezone, yeah like that is gonna be enough

we roll on new Monday servers go to work or whatever come back in the evening and low and behold the new server is now at high/full with a queue. no worries more servers coming on Wednesday rinse repeat

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Just delete herod…

Blizzard just dont care, period

Apparently Blizz was unable to predict the overwhelming interest in classic even though most eveyone else did lol. How not to overcrowd a server well you see if you gave more choice initially then that problem could have been avoided altogether.

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TBH, how they’re doing it isn’t really that bad. I imagine a ton of people will cancel their queue to just move their guild to one of the new servers coming on the 26th.

That’s a unique idea… most people are just holding pat figuring that people are signed up to as many 3 servers and the actual Q time will be less than expected. But deleting Herod would make a lot of East Coasters scream bloody murder! That’s a great way of having an impactful launch! That being said, Herod is the last of the 3 I put a name up on that I will actually try to sign on and play. It will be interesting to say the least.

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