Extended Queues Expected on Select Realms (Updated Aug 20)

I just checked and Pagle and Mankrik are now FULL!!!.. Not high but FULL!


The devs just said in the AMA:

“On the most popular servers, such as Herod and Shazzrah, we are currently estimating lengthy queue times - up to several hours or more in certain instances. That is why we strongly encourage players to use the name reservation period to transfer their characters and their guilds to lower pop realms.”

The time to talk to your guilds and reroll is NOW.

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Classic was made for 2-3k people per realm, though. We’re talking currently over 10k on some. Retail has all those people spread out across so many zones, whereas Classic only has 2 continents. Things will seem crowded enough even with only 2-3k people (which per current standards would put a server at ‘Low’, as Blizz stated a current Medium server is more populated than a 2004 server ever was).

It’s the classic experience.


At this point, I am actually hoping some of the more petulant and entitled people stick to their guns and don’t move specifically so they have to deal with long a-- queues. I’m at a complete loss to understand why they’re being so stubborn.

If it’s wanting enough players to play with then Blizz already said that today’s Medium pop realms are bigger than High pop realms in Vanilla.

If it’s wanting a name, they should get over themselves. Most people didn’t get the name they wanted and had to compromise.

They deserve what’s coming if they don’t heed the warnings and we’ll be to busy crushing gnolls and kobolds to rub their noses in it.

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Mankrik added to the ‘Full’ list.


Excellent, I hope that means a new PvE realm is pending!


Darth Vader: NOOOoooOOOOoooOOO!!

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Hi There

Is there an update on oceanic servers if we can expect delays etc

GREAT Now release the PVE servers already


why are you telling us that the PvE realms are full when there are no other PvE realms to choose from lol


exactly , my Dad would have said ’ if ya cant poop get off the pot’ well if ya know its full RELEASE more.

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so all relms are high and out of the four that aren’t high 2 are R.P. and 2 are P.V.P. UHHH so they really think they have enough servers even for all the people who are gonna show up who don’t care about their name? im duel boxen one of my accounts is all random names so haven’t started it yet.

Blizzard dont think like we do, to them guess saying ’ ________ is full now’ fixes the issue lol

There are two more PvE realms that still need to fill up to full. I am hoping to see a CST PvE realm if they open another.

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LOL Well lets see we have 4 PVE in all …2 Full and the other two keep changing from Full to high…

while PVP have 9 …

Do we need to wait till all PVE are full NO drop the dang servers already


This wouldn’t be a very good idea in practice, as you’d be preventing people that didn’t name res from joining frends / guildys.

People are just gonna have to deal with queues or move of their own accord

So if you want to play on a PVE server, your choices are:
A full server
A PST server

Seems… suboptimal


Yep we get 4 servers total it seems while Blizzard releases 9 ( so far ) PvP servers


Please launch another PVE server or two.