Extended Queues Expected on Select Realms (Updated Aug 20)

They literally just announced today, that hell or high water (queues) they are removing layering permanently at Phase 2 regardless.

Its YOU and those insisting that Layering wouldnt be removed who need to admit you were wrong. Yall out here embarrassing yourselves trying to hold on to that nonsense.

Preach. This is the absolute truth. And I think the vast majority of people agree. Ill take a clearly overpopulated realm with queues over a realm that dies and ends up with a barren AH and no raiding guilds to speak of ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. So good luck getting people to move to smaller realms man. Once the dust settles, the full realms are likely gonna stay that way until the lights turn off.

We all want the classic experience but the fix to all this is attaching the character names to individual battle.net tag so that server mergers don’t effect player names in the event servers are dying or need to be split. Lets be honest, no one wants to lose their names.

Herod and Shazzrah are probably going to have roughly 3+ hour ques during the first week.

No, sorry, but BFA is simply not a good game.

The plot stumbles from point to point like a kitten chasing a flock of birds, each point forgotten as the next comes into view. First its about the sword sticking out of Silithus and the planet bleeding, then it’s about Sylvanas burning the world tree, Then it’s about G’huun (but only for horde), then the allies sink their fleet offscreen and are weeks away from winning a war, then they aren’t because oh no, another old god.

Then there’s the actual play experiences. Professions take forever, leveling them up doesn’t appear to matter, and when you do level them up it takes an hour to farm enough mats to make something that will invariably be replaced within 3 dungeon runs. Character progression is entirely defined by the Azerite necklace, which is completely ephemeral as we all know we won’t be keeping it.

Endgame content is defined by nothing more than increasing numbers in the mythic dungeons, and running a few raids at the chosen difficulty level. Between the constantly increasing numbers and ease of attaining that one next level, this makes gear acquisition feel pretty pointless too as there’s always a better piece just around the corner: it’s endless. If you aren’t raiding heroic or mythic raids, you can be reasonably assured of success so long as the group plays adequately: they aren’t devoid of challenge but if all else fails you can grind until you outgear it, which would ideally be difficult or impossible.

All other content not part of the core experience (leveling up, dungeons, endgame, battlegrounds) is tacked on and largely incomplete. Warfront questing areas are just slapped together. Warfront scenarios are vaguely interesting, but fail to carry their supposed external significance. The island explorations are skin deep at best.

Honestly, the whole thing has all the substance a pan fire: At first it’s in your face shock, and then there’s jsut nothing there after it.


Oh all the servers will be super F’d at launch. There is a strong percentage of players, who just haven’t activated their subscriptions to create a name. The one additional server they made is already at medium pop, with all others being high or full. I guess they really are trying to give us the real classic WoW feel, by crashing all the servers right out the gate.


Thalnos is now showing as Full as well.

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keep up the good work, any chance of locking a new EST server and allowing herod players to transfer to said new server to keep their names?

Every single PVP and Normal servers are either high populations or full. Where is somebody supposed to go and not end up in the same boat? Open some new realms in both time zones so there is some alternatives for us.


Practically all of them, and if they’re not full, they’re “high” - when are we going to get a couple new servers? You’ve recommended Herod players to switch to the newly made pvp server. Shouldn’t that apply to all full servers?

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classic is doa, it won’t last more than a week until servers are empty and everyone is playing the superior retail

full has many levels, Herod is on a different type of full

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We don’t need Stalaag as another Herod. I really hope we get another server asap.

Outside of RP realms, NA server list doesn’t appear very welcoming. You have everything either full or high. So what is the criteria to add another server considering how tight everything looks currently?

East pvp is filling up Stalagg (high) and West pvp is filling up Fairbanks (high) with nothing else.

Why suggest that players delete and recreate a character before the game releases? Players can create characters on any realm immediately after the game releases without deleting one of their 3 pre-release characters.

Thank you for updating the realm population algorithm, although I have no better understanding what realm population of full versus high means. I guess it doesn’t matter because if I try to log on to a realm with queue time unacceptable to me, I will just log on to another realm and wait to see how things shake out on the over-populated realms.

For me the only bad thing would be is there are long queue times on all realms, e.g. all eastern PVP realms.

Oh, BTW, are you expecting a surge of new players on August 12 that never made a character until that time or right before that time?

Where on earth did you get this idea?

i hate to say it but they need to announce that they are going to wipe everything and restart with 2 or 3 times the amount of realms they have now and redo the name saving thing

Imagine being as dumb as this person


Yall really couldnt tell that he is mocking the silly people that said that?

Hes clearly joking… this is literally a thread about the realms overflowing.

How can a server named Pagle be popular? My plans have failed again…

Lol this comment didn’t age well. Now Pagle is on the list with expected Extended Queues xD

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