Exploring Pandaria


  • It will come out on 10/17/23
  • Chen Stormstout, Li Li Stormstout, and Catelyn the Blade are the point of view characters.
  • The Wandering Isle will be included with the rest of Pandaria featured within the book.
    Edit: Correction on who is the point of view characters.

I’m soo preording this one. Thanks for posting it!

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okay, I’ll admit that I’m actually interested in this one, but after the other ones (or was it really just the first) were so badly received, I’m still skeptical.

I thought the first one was pretty well received with the Kalimidor one slammed for being obviously low effort and bad

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the first one was the Eastern kingdoms one with Flynn and Shaw then, right? It must have been the second one I was thinking of, with the accusations of racism over the troll being taught to read by a blood elf and not caring about the night elves or something?


I didn’t read it but as far as I know the complaints were that it was half assed and wrong about obvious things and didn’t have half the detail and care as the EK version.

Which definitely tracks given the current lore team lol


Mogu deserve some positive development, instead of being an “evil race,” other than the Rajani.


Not all of them were “evil”.

Altough ironically he did cause the mogu empire to be destroyed.

For the racism thing, you have people nowadays who are so obnubilated by it that they saw racism everywhere.
The real problem here is that Lor’themar at this time is so occupied that he didn’t even have time for himself, so taking time to teach someone he barely know to read is hard to believe.

As for the night elves, the fact that the Horde didn’t retreat from all the night elves territories is a problem, especially when the Horde try to make peace with them.
It’s common sense that you can’t negociate peace if you are still occupying a territory.

Add the fact that Kalimdor was more a “going back to the Cataclysm era” than a true evolution.

Kalimdor is a disaster and when you see who wrote it, no wonder that the lore is in a poor state.

As for Northrend, the book is better than Kalimdor but if i have to summary:
25% you have progress after a decade (and i am generous for the 25%).
75% you feel that Wotlk happened last month or didn’t happened at all. (i am thinking of the Forgotten shore: Situtation resolved in Wotlk but not at all in the book).

It’s very problematic when you know that Wotlk happened more than a decade before DF.

All in all, Kalimdor and Northrend bring so few evolutions that i saw most of the people to whom I presented the books saying that they were written for nothing and will not buy it.

It’s understandable that people are wary of a book from the Exploring Azeroth serie now.

Pandaria will be from the same author so the probability to have 25% progression / 75% stagnation after a decade is very high.
I would not be surprised to read that Li Li is still a child at DF despite having the age of a young adult.

Well, you can, if you’re winning of the war and hold the position of strength (“This is ours now. If you don’t want the war to continue, let us keep it.”). But that’s not what happened here.

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I think it’s still really wrong that Zek’han, a troll that’s in training to be a spiritual leader of his people, wouldn’t already know how to read and write. He also shouldn’t have had to have erosion explained to him.


In fact, you see the result of what we should have had as a night elves war campaign in BfA: They crushed the Horde in Ashenvale with only Splintertree Post and Warsong lumber camp left for the Horde.
And they are surrounded on top of that.

It’s just one of the numerous problems this book has, Rexxar being illetrate is another one.

As for Pandaria, we know that since BfA the Vale of Eternal Blossoms has been restored in BfA… unless that the author is locked into MoP and write that the Vale is corrupted.

The state of Krasarang Wilds and the Dread Wastes interest me as well.


They even got details wrong in their ‘lets just copy and paste from cata era’. Such as saying there were no survivors from the Camp Taurajo incident. Even though one of the major questing hubs in the zone for horde was set up by survivors of said incident.


Interesting that they are focusing there. I wonder what that portends going forward.

I wonder how the time skip will affect her, now that she will be in the spotlight. Will they keep her as a child, or take this chance to make her a young adult Pandaren?


lmao they care so little about anything in the plot that doesn’t revolve around a few specific pet characters anymore.

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It’s possible that Copeland wanted to show his bias regarding this matter to make the Alliance evil.
Too bad there are survivors.

Well, i bet that she will stay a child considering that the author of Northrend rarely pushed a true “10 years after” in this book.

By the time of Dragonflight, she should be 23 - 25 now.

I am still somewhat annoyed we skipped Outland. Like why was it skipped? All the other expansion zones got a book.

Edit: on the other hand with WoD being the next book it could fesibly be they will combine both an Outland/Draenor one.

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Though I’m wandering if the reason we haven’t had an Outland update book is because were getting an Outland revamp for an expansion.

Maybe, I mean sooner or later we will have to deal with Yrel but honestly, my crystal ball is cloudy so I am not sure what Blizzard will do.


Mine laughed at me and broke.

So yeah…