Explore Azeroth With Friends Using Party Sync

Explore Azeroth With Friends Using Party Sync

There’s never been a better time to party up with your friends to explore Azeroth and beyond. Use Party Sync to play with friends old and new by questing together on any characters you have, no matter their levels.

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Will party sync let you group with friends on the opposite faction? Would sure be nice!

Now all I need is friends to play with ¯\(ツ)


Party sync is great. one of the greatest addition to this xpac.

but is this old news? whats changed? wasn’t this implemented like a couple months back?


This is probably one of the better things to come out of BfA, tbh. I’ve been leveling alts with a friend this way.

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Hey! So as much as I love Party Sync. Though i’ll admit I use it for my own usage here and there. I think what someone said above me would be really cool to see party sync work Via factions.

Such as when you party sync, you become the faction of your partner for the time being and labled as a “Mercenary” Automatically teleporting to Stormwind/Orgrimmar when switching. And then when you’re done, you will be sent to your original location of where you were. To avoid guards murdering you

I’ve seen much potential with Party sync, and I would love to see more ideas hit on this in the future.

With that said, I am gonna put in some disclaimers.


When you are party synced with a player, you will be at a disadvantage in terms of all content. Heirloom gear at 1-60 will out perform a 120 character, causing instanced content to be rather harder. Though outside in the world you don’t feel the effects of it. I sort of noticed this when doing Black rock Depths with friends and took around 5-6min to kill Thaurissian with a group of scaled down 120’s.


Ok, so… why don’t you use heirlooms when in party sync?

because you have a set amount of stats
can’t change any of them

Easy answer, so when you scale yourself down from 120, any gear that you have This includes heirlooms Will become a baseline ILV made by the devs. So even if you have said heirlooms on, any beneficial stats that come from them will be disabled alongside and side-bonuses like enchantments or secondary usages.

Hey, would it be possible for party sync to sync everyone to the requester’s current questing progress within the zone? It’s a bit annoying, for example, to be in Najz, party syncing with your buddy only to have to restart everything again.

Nope, they are not bending to faction unity. They think “vs” thing should always stay for some dumb reason.


Pretty sure you know the answer to this but explain I shall! When using party sync, it syncs both players to the earliest quest progression. Only because if you play through mid-way in a quest campaign with party sync and disable, it will cause severe phasing issues which will prevent you from doing quest at whatever point you were.

Example: You quest with your friend mid-way through westfall and complete the story, but you wanna do the early parts, the game will freak out and put you in the phased Sentinel hill and prevent you from doing the previous quest.

I know what you’re saying, and I am aware of it. I’m saying they could make it more of a drop in drop out kinda thing, instead of forcing everyone at the beginning.

I have no friends like everyone else but if I did how does this compare to leveling with friends via dungeons with ista que’s because you have a healer/tank?

Party Sync was a flop thats why they are advertising it more, they think its because people dont know about it its actually because people dont care about it. It was a massive waste of development time.


Until those friends reach 120 and have no azerite pieces, no neck levels, no essences, no corruptions, and then they can’t join in any of the content, right?


Honestly lost interest in this feature entirely after I realized old legendaries and set bonuses were useless. Questing is already a fairly casual activity as is and I can’t see myself and my friends encountering much resistance in the first place. I’d enjoy this feature a lot more if I could get some cool legendary procs while killing enemies that I already know will die regardless… It’d make the entire experience a lot more fun. Hope to see this change eventually, until then as it has been stated, it doesn’t feel good to go from being a max level character to being as weak as or weaker than the friend you’re helping…


I understand the reasoning behind it, it just ruins the very fabric of what the game is all about. Back in Wrath, most of my friends were all high level end game and I was the only one who struggled to even hit lvl 80. It sucked, but I kept at it, doing my own thing. When I finally hit 80 i was able to play with my friends and it was all the more rewarding. You take that away, you ruin the very fabric of what made this game seperate itself from the rest.

That sounds like a real pain, even if it worked lol