Exploration Mission Master Achievement

A couple of days ago, I completed the Garrison Exploration Quest
“Exploration: Burial Fields” It does not show up as completed in my achievement.

Also, I have been waiting for weeks now for “Exploration: Ango’rosh Dig Site” Is it still available? Am I missing something to have this quest pop?

I have looked on Wowhead and see a mention of not getting credit for the Burial Fields quest, the only comment for “Ango’rosh Digsite” is you must have archaeology trained (which I do, and maxed!)

Has anyone had issues with these 2 sections of the “Exploration Mission Master Achievement”?

I have had issues with this achievement but for me it is the Umbrafen exploration mission that is never showing up. Been checking for a long, long time. Even ensured I had a low level follower so all levels of missions would show up.

That might help you (ensuring level of mission is covered - it could be too low and not show if all your followers are max level).

But it feels hopeless at this point. Wish I could make it spawn and feels like something is wrong.